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ASUS ROG Rampage VI EXTREME X299 Overclock issue

Hi All,Since rebuilding my system to watercooling I can't reach my stats that I had when I was aircooled?MOBO: ASUS ROG Rampage VI EXTREME X299CPU: Intel Core i9-7960X, 2.8GHz, 22MB, S2066MEM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 128GB(8x16GB) DDR4VGA: Inno3d GeFor...

Running DOCP Profile Causes Intability

Hello All,I just built a new pc and can't get it to boot with 4 sticks at the DOCP profile which is 3000mhz. 2 works fine but when i add the second set it becomes unstable.I have tried running Taiphoon and Ryzen calculator to get the values for manua...

i9 10980xe

Hi all. Does anyone know where I can find information, step by step how I can overclock i9 10980xe. Without any applications, only BIOS overckcking interests me. I have Rampage 6 Extreme Omega.

AC postcode

What does it mean? Getting an "AC" post code makes me stuck, cause there's zero info about it in manual and internet, so I don't know what should I tweak next when OCing my RAM.P.S. To forum admin, this what I get when trying to edit my post:VjJoaGRD...

RAM tweaks causes instability

Hi guys,So i just built my new PC and i'm trying to tweak my RAM to the 3600 Mhz it's rated for. I tried loading up the XMP/DOCP profile in the EUFI Bios, but it's causing instability. For instance, whenever the XMP profile is loaded up and i put the...

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Overclocking a 5960x on RVE

I wanted to see if someone had any ideas on how I could possibly push my overclocks further. I've read all the posted guides, and frankly, I'm at a loss as to why I can't get any more performance. It may come down to silicon lottery, but I figured ...

CPU fan speed of Laptop

I have a Asus ROG Strix GL531 laptop. I'm really confused with the fan speed control setting that is provided. If I use the Performance or Turbo fan speed options the speed of the fan is increasing but it is making the CPU hotter like over 90 C on g...