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Will Upgrading My RAM affect my Overclock?

Hello,I have a Maximus X Hero Wi-Fi AC motherboard, paired with an Intel 8700 CPU, and currently 16 gigabytes of RAM, Trident Z RGB F4-3200C16D-16GTZR. I have my CPU overlocked to 4.7 ghz, and it has been running FLAWLESSLY for years.However, I'd li...

Fox1966 by Level 7
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how to improve g.skill ddr5 6400 cl32 latency

hello everyone i have asus z690 hero i9 13900k and 2x16gb g.skill ddr5 6400 cl32i overclock the memory to 6800MHZ when i overclock to 6933 i get memtest eror when i overclock to 7000MHZ no bootso i want to squeeze the memory in 6800MHZ to max preform...

Lost my OC and can't get it back

I've had the system for a while and never really had any luck with manually overclocking. The AI, however, gave me something like 5.3GHz on 1 core, 5.2GHz on 3 cores, 5.1GHz on 5 cores, and 5.0GHz on all cores. I remember they were odd numbers, but m...

Turbo boost vs Overclock for gaming

Hey guys. When I overclock my ASUS mb using the AI auto overclocker….it says ‘98% Overclock’ when I startup my computer…..what does that mean? 3.20ghz x 96% then add on to its now at 6.2ghz? I don’t get it. The second question I had was I noticed whe...

Asus turbo v download location?

So before I clean installed windows 11 a couple weeks ago I had the Asus Turbo V software but I cant remember what version or where I downloaded it from originally.To make matters worse I dont see it in my Asus Maximus 13 Hero drivers download page (...

sdmf74 by Level 11
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help with 24\7 overclocking 13900k

hello everyone my setupROG MAXIMUS Z690 HEROi9 13900k2x16gb g skil 6400mhzcpu cooler nh-d15my setings is p-core 55 e-core 45 ring 50my idle voltage is between 1.28-1.305 in game my voltage is between 1.25-1.22 my temps in games is 70-77cin cinbench r...

For those that use MSI Afterburner

Insure you download MSI Afterburner from a legit site.Fake MSI Afterburner Sites Inject Coin-Miner Into Software installerhttps://www.guru3d.com/news-story/fake-msi-afterburner-sites-inject-coin-miner-into-software-installer.htmlhttps://blog.cyble.co...

pndiode by Level 11
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