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RAM Selection for Overclocking

Currently I have 4 X 4 GB Corsair CMZ16GX3M4X1866C9After reading some articles on here I understand that RAM is very important when overclocking.I have decided to up the anti and buy some new RAM. Can someone explain why the prices of these sticks ar...

JimmyH by Level 10
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clearing CMOS

asus crosshair IV formulaLooked online and it says move the jumper from 1-2 to 2-3 for 10-15 seconds but then move it backby just moving the jumpers for 10-15 seconds it will clear the cmos?any help would be appreciated here. My chip came out with m...

wcryan by Level 7
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SPEEDSTEP lower limit?

Hi peoples,I've got my system successfully OC'd to 4.8GHz (I can go higher but I'm lazy to tinker right now). I've disabled SPEEDSTEP in the bios so I can have the CPU locked in at my OC speed. I really want to re-enable SPEEDSTEP to take advantage o...

CPU Temperatures

Just wondering the most accurate way to measure my CPU temps.........I have the AI Suite II that came with the board but I have read a lot of forums saying to use coretemp and realtemp because they are the most accurate......and my real question is h...

Problems with turbo mode under linux

Hi,some Days ago I bought a Maximus VI Hero together with a Core i7 4770k. I have a dual boot system with Win 8 64bit and Linux Mint 16 64bit (Ubuntu 13.10).Under Windows I testet everything is working and the benchmarks running fine. AI Suite 3 is s...

Delidded 3770k

Well I delidded my 3770k to try and see if I can lower the temps on it a little. It was definitely scary as this is my first computer build that I have done and all was working excellent but its the fun of it to see what will happen but it went unde...

drop4205 by Level 12
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