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Building a New PC

hi allin the process of trying to build a new pcthe specs are1 motherboard Asus - X79, LGA2011, 8xDDR3, 4xPCIe3, SATA3, BT, GBLAN, USB3, ROG KEY, (RAMPAGE-IV-BLACK-EDITION-AC4)2 ram 32gb of corsair dominator platinum CMD32GX3M4A 1600C9 VERSION 3.243 ...

Fixing The Login

I wanted to give OC KO a try.Seems the forum is filled with other people who can not log in either.Is there a fix to log in or what is the deal

Newb Questions OC 4770k

I run a 4770k on a Maximus VI Forumla w/ 8 gig ddr3 2133, and a 4gig gtx760. Iv been trying to push just even past 4.0ghz but when I load up bios it shows the proper voltages and speeds. Windows however shows stock or lower then stock speeds in Rea...

CPU Fan Error and voltage errors

ok.. strange thing...I added the 4 pin cpu power ( so that I can have that added stability with oc ) and now, I get keep getting error code 99 on bootup and it goes to bios saying cpu fan error! when I restart.. it goes away.I have also noticed ...

Computer Problems

Hello, First of all i'm new here, but I need some helpa while ago i purchased a G75V ROG laptop, and have loved it ever sincehowever recently I have had a very confusing and complicated problem.The computer initially had 2 drives which were partition...

Expresscard slot

Alright guys, I am getting ready to buy a new notebook and I have been looking for a notebook that has an expresscard slot and has graphics equivalent to a 6770m or better. I am having a hard time finding this info, any help would be appreciated.Than...

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Asus Z87-A USB/Mouse issues

Hi!I'm having problems with my new motherboard. Sometimes theres a lot of lag and stuttering moving my mouse around in games like CSGO etc. When this appear I some of the times get lag in video too.I tried to disable xH** something in BIOS, but then ...