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Q code A2 and no video output

build specs: Maximus VI formula16gb Gskill tridentkingston hyper x 3k 120gb ssd boot driveWD blue 1 tb storage driveAsus GTX770i5 4670kKraken X60corsair HX650So The system was running fine, loaded windows 7, had it oc'd to 4.3ghz running asus bench t...

phibz408 by Level 7
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Maximus Extreme vi - Rog Ram Disk

Kindly let me know if rog RAM DISK can also be used for file management temporaney browsers and windows? you just move the folders within the directory that rog RAM DISK. I would understand if rog ramdisk to the same functions as RAM DISK (Dataram)? ...

P8z77 v-lk

Looking for some input on this board, I have it paired with a 3770K CPU. Like to see what it can do with water on the cpu, and 2 GTX580. Any help would be great.........THANKS!

which slot for sound card?

Crosshair V Formula-Z + Essence STX + two R9290-DC2OC'sToday I ordered a second R9290X-DC2OC. If I put it in the second 16x slot the back plate will almost touch the cover on the Essence STX. Otherwise I'll have to put the sound card in the pcie 8x s...

Heini by Level 11
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i7 3820 and asus rampage gene IV Mobo help Pls!

Ok so let me start of with what I have done so recently my Mobo in my alienware Aurora died from a bad bios update no way to flash back that I know of so I went out and bought the asus x79 rampage gene IV micro ATX mobo so I have everything installe...

jpalmer by Level 7
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i4770k and Asus Maximus VI Hero

Hey guys. I'm trying to OC my new 4770k on Maximus VI Hero board with Noctua NH-U12P SE2 cooling and G.SKILL RipjawsX DDR3 2x8GB 1866MHz CL9 ram. I updated the bios to 1301.So here with the questions:1. When on defaults, everything on auto my V core ...

Hommik by Level 7
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code b2 or 62

hello there, i have build my pc for about 8 weeks, last week it shuts down totaly unmotivated while working (not gaming) and shows me on my motherboard q code b2 or 62 and shows on my screen that i have to plug in my gpu power, whitout gpu in mainbo...

bach66 by Level 7
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Fan, Temp and Rpm

Hi all,I recently OC my rig with the help of Nate152. now I have a 4770k at 4.5 is great !Now I am trying to custom my Fan speed in relation to my component temperature.I have a H100i with the Corsair link software to controle my CPU fan, and Ai suit...

Overclocking 3930K on RIVE...

I am novice overclocker, just following guides I have read online.I have targeted 4.4 GHz for my CPU. To that end I have my multipliers set to 44, and my CPU Vcore at 1.30 in the BIOS. I have not changed the BLCK, and I am not using offset mode. V...

Oxonsi by Level 7
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