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4770k OC'ing issues

Hello everyone,This is my first post here so I'm hoping that you guys might be able to help me. I recently purchased the components for my new build and it was running great at stock speeds. I decided to go ahead an overclock my cpu with the general ...

asus g750jh crash

I bought the asus g750jh couple of weeks ago and today when I was surfing the net, he crashed and restart .. please help ..should i send it to warranty? :S

ROG Supreme FX issue

Hey guys and gals, I'm not only new to the forums but to ROG and PC building. So excuse me if one, I don't understand 80% of whats going on and two, me asking a whole lot of questions! Now I tried to do a forum search before I even thought of making ...

Delidding 4770k

Hi guys.I'm going to buy a 4770k and I am considering delidding the cpu. I plan on doing it with a very thin but very strong piece of cardboard, so that I don't scratch anything or bend the chip. I will be applying Gelid GC-Extreme thermal compound t...

ThermalX by Level 10
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Switch to RAID mode from AHCI possible?

Hi all,I am using a Rampage iV Extreme and already installed Win 8.1. The system is running perfect.Now I got two extra harddisks that I want to use as a RAID 1 set. My question is:In BIOS can I simply switch from AHCI to RAID mode to set up the RAID...

Dlanor by Level 7
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Replacement parts.

Hey my g75vw gpu fan doesn't spin up when I boot my laptop. Assuming its spoilt I'd like to get a replacement and I'd like to know if there is any place in Malaysia that sells the original fans. Warranty expired almost half a year ago.

Intel Smart Response acceleration

Im using X79 Rampage IV Extreme and im using Intel RST Drivers & Software Set v13.0.0.1072 still no Intel Smart Response acceleration avail My buddy got a Asrock X79 Extreme 11 using Intel RST Driver and Software set v13.0.0.1072 and he can anable sm...

ASUS A55M-E help please

Hey fellas, I know this isn't a gaming build but I need some help. Either fixing my boot issue, or confirming a DOA Motherboard.I just got an ASUS A55M-E board with an A6-6400K processor and 4gb's of RAM. I got it all together nice and neat and it po...