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Crossfire on Maximus V Extreme ?

Hi I have 2 Sapphire's R9 290 Tri-X OC but I can't place them in slot 1 & 2 because that is to close So now they are placed in slot 1 & 2B (the black one, third) So is the crossfire now 1(8x) & 2B(8x) ? When I had my first R9 290 I put it in slot 1(...

selecting mem

Today i picked out the very best from some of my collection of Elpida Hyper MGHRan them individually, with 3 flawless boots in a row at the given voltage.. voltages all manual3 X Flawless win boots in a row..-->S1 = 1,62v (-), booted at 1,615v but fa...

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Asus G750JW Fan controll (Reach 90C)

Hey, my laptop is a very great machine! but when im playing games like Battlefield 4 in medium settings my computer reatch 90C... and i am very sure that my fans only are on 40 - 50 prosent! How can i controll my fans faster? is it a program or somet...

G75VW Audio Troubles?

Hello everyone, first post here so I apologize if this is in the wrong section or not. Anyway, I've had the G75VW for about 6 moths now and I love it! However, ever since I got it (it never really bothered me before) the audio plays at different volu...

ASUS ROG Laptop G750JX - Loud Fan?

Howdy - Purchased a ASUS ROG Laptop G750JX a little over 2 weeks ago. Problem is the fans are super loud when running pretty much anything more than one app. I've updated the BIOS as instructed by ASUS -- the Winflash utility didn't work -- but I w...

Maximus VI Gene + Error 55

Hi Guys,I bought some new kit over the weekend and finally got a chance to put it all together last night but now I am getting the Error 55 code when all 4 sticks of ram are in the slots. A1 and B1 work fine by A2 and B2 just throw out the error 55. ...

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Optimising and overclocking just a little.

Hi Everyone, Just two days ago I managed to spend almost $4000 on pc components hoping I could built a PC that can fly. It has been almost 4 years since I've played with computers so I think I got a bit carried away.My spec is as per follow...I7 477...

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CPU/Memory issue - Help needed!

Hello everyone,First off, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who's going to take their time trying to help me out with this.I've considered myself PC literate for a decade now so this problem really took me by surprise. Yesterday I got this new rig: ...

Rampage IV Black - Random restarts

Hi All,Hoping for some advice to look in the right direction. I recently finished my build, Rampage Black IV and am having seemingly random reboots of the machine with no warning. Specs:RIVBE (updated to 0507)i7 4930k32gb GSkill 1866 ram2x EVGA 780ti...

New PSU, unsure about wattage

Hello all! I'm upgrading to a gtx 780 and had to buy a new PSU because my 3 year old 750 watt Antec doesn't have the minimum amps on the +12. I ordered a Corsair AX760 psu but after looking at current psu load and online psu calculators I'm worried I...

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