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will not recognize correct ram speed

I recently completed my first solo build, I have just about everything running but i can not seem to get windows 8.1pro to recognize the correct memory speed. ive spent about a week researching the issue and have gotten nowhere. if anyone could assi...

dberry by Level 7
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PCIe device/video cards are blowing up when used.

I have 2 coin mining rigs with 4 cards each, one works perfect, the other does not.Both are using an ASUS maximux extreme VI mb with PCIe settings of gen2 for all 4 ports and onboard video disabled. Each has it's own 1500 watts p/s with identical mem...

Asus G75vw-BBK5 Overclocking issues

So I've been messing around with overclocking my laptop and recently it's been having some issues. Here is a screenshot I took immediately after my problem. When it happens the screen freezes for a second or two and it has green bits on the screen. ...

Maximus VI Hero first power up

Curious as to what I should see when I first power up a Maximus VI Hero. This is my first PC build.On power-up I get a short beep and a Q code A2, with the Boot_Device_LED on the mb on. The monitor shows "Delete key or F2 to enter BIOS" message but ...

Balkhan by Level 7
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Rampage IV Extreme

hello I just got my rampage extreme a few months ago and installed 1866 megahertz memory I was just going through the book the book says I can install up to 2400 megahertz but when I go into the BIOS I have the latest in BIOS installed it says I can ...

whitie63 by Level 7
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ASUS SaberTooth Z87 i7 4771 overclock questions

Howdy, although I'm very good at building and maintaining computers, I am VERY new at overclocking, and I want a very mild very simple overclock. Basics, I have the Sabertooth Z87, BIOS 1707, i7 4771 water-cooled. I want to overclock my CPU I already...

JBBlack by Level 8
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Haswell overclock

Hey there all! I am playing around with my clocks and have gotten my 4770k to be stable through 10 iterations of intel burn test on maximum stress setting at 4.4 ghz with the ram at 2.4 ghz and it reached 83C I have a 360 rad and a 240 rad custom loo...

jfrech14 by Level 7
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