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Upgraded ASUS to DIP5 1.04.17 - Assertion fail

My system Asus Z170-A, Win10x64.I upgraded to DIPS 1.04.17 and now I get assertion fail all the time. I can't even uninstall Asus software.What do I do?When I try to uninstall it's now empty. it had some elements in uninstall list before but it just...

coret3x by Level 7
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How do you reset XMP profile settings?

I am in an unusual situation. My XMP profile always has itself set to BCLK 100 when everyone elses has theirs automatically change to 125. I think I over writ it or something. I can change it to 125 but next time I switch between xmp profiles it sets...

Secrios by Level 7
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Sabertooth Z77 - Fastest (working) RAM?

The lists of supported RAM modules on ASUS.com for this mtb are outdated. However I've read on other forums about people using other modules for this mtb that are not even in these lists. What are the fastest & working modules for the Sabertooth Z77?...

Vaietzi by Level 7
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2700x any clock above 4ghz gives me the f9 code?

I had to RMA my original 2700x and just got this one, I've seen it boost to 4.8+ but for the life of me cannot go past 4ghz in bios or ryzen master without a complete shutdown or the F9 code - all under a custom loop. Anyone else experience this? Is ...

Strix X570-E 3700x bios settings help

Hi all,just wondering what people suggest as good basic settings I should look to change in the bios to have the 3700x running it best for everyday use. Not benching, memory is 32GB 3600mhz and seems to run perfectly stable and standard xmp profile.B...

mitcon by Level 7
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Upgrade from 16 gb to 32 ram

Hello everyone !!This week i will install two more 2x 8 modules(16gb).Right now i have manually set timings and voltages,i use the same values that xmp would use but with lower voltages.Now that i will install 16 gb more,do i need to increase the vol...

Lospsii by Level 7
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why PCIe 16_1 is only 8x with Dimm2_1 SSD

I have a GTX 1080ti installed in my PCIe 16_1 slot and a Samsung 970 Pro NVMe M.2 1TB installed in the Dimm2_1 card. However the PCIe 16_1 is only running at 8x [see screenshot]. Is there a way to run the vga at 16x? Maybe I have to install the SSD i...

GPU Tweak 2 Revert? (RTX 2080TI Strix OC)

So I tried running my GPU with GPU Tweak in the system. It was a total disaster. I tried to default the whole thing but it went blue. I had to install another software to set it back to red and uninstall both after. It was also causeing my frames to ...

Secrios by Level 7
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