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4930k on Rampage IV Balck : advises about OC.

Hi Everyone.As title says i d like to have some suggestion about oc.As a first thing, thi is my full buil9d: 4930k, Rampage 4 Black Edition, 4x8g Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 (Well than 2x Corsair neutron gtx 240 and 128 gigas as SSD and gtx 780ti...

Alex_D by Level 7
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Please help - Audio problem

I recently installed everything and noticed that my left channel is not working for my headphones? I downloaded the latest realtek drivers and use windws 7 with 660 ti.Can anyone help? tried everything I can think of - reinstalling and changing port...

q code 66 on chfvz

ok so I was getting q code 99 and 66 mostly 66 and I tried all kinds of different things with the memory I have amd 8350 black and g skill trident x 2400 32gb qc and the mother board is the asus crosshair v formula-z ok so it also always beeps once ...

Yoda125 by Level 7
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New System, trying to find bottleneck!

Hello, new here to these forums. I love Asus products and just purchased a new system however I am debating on whether or not to carry over my old RAM was a good decision.My new system is as follows:Maximus 6 Hero MOBOHaswell 4670k (i5)r9 270x video...

How to overclock my processor?

How to overclock my processor?Hey guys, I'm wondering how to overclock my Intel i7-4930K @ 3.4 GHz, and also wondering what differences in performance it will make. I don't want to burn my computer into the ground, as I'm just using the watercooling ...

yusuf6n by Level 7
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1700w PSU

Any thoughts?i would not want to max out that PSU from a single regular wall socket.. (got poor electrician knowledge, but anyway) 1800w peak powerinfo> http://www.lepatek.com/eng/product_content/1/1/64/

Retired by Not applicable
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will not recognize correct ram speed

I recently completed my first solo build, I have just about everything running but i can not seem to get windows 8.1pro to recognize the correct memory speed. ive spent about a week researching the issue and have gotten nowhere. if anyone could assi...

dberry by Level 7
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PCIe device/video cards are blowing up when used.

I have 2 coin mining rigs with 4 cards each, one works perfect, the other does not.Both are using an ASUS maximux extreme VI mb with PCIe settings of gen2 for all 4 ports and onboard video disabled. Each has it's own 1500 watts p/s with identical mem...

Asus G75vw-BBK5 Overclocking issues

So I've been messing around with overclocking my laptop and recently it's been having some issues. Here is a screenshot I took immediately after my problem. When it happens the screen freezes for a second or two and it has green bits on the screen. ...