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Advise on my gaming desktop build

Hi GuysNeed some advise I recently DIYed a setup for gaming ( not high end type ), please advise if below spec are well combine and good enough cooling system, maybe future upgrade too Intel I7-4771 3.5GHZ 8MB HD4600LGA 1150 CPUAsus Maximus VI Hero ...

tony_soh by Level 7
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Need help setting up a SSD in G750 Laptop

Hello,I'm new to this forum, and bought a new ASUS G750JM laptop last week. I added 8 more GB of RAM and saw that there is an open hard drive bay. So yesterday I picked up an Intel SSD 530 series 240GB. I originally thought i just install it into ...

Suggestions on fan layout of a Crosshair V Formula-Z

Hello, I recently purchased a Crosshair V Formula-Z motherboard which I am placing into a Cool Master Storm Scout (http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=2912). I have setup the computer with a negative vacuum which I am not certain ...

Newbie needs help with disc drive

I just bought this G73JH from a a buddy of mine. He formatted the system completely and got it to where it needs Windows to be activated. The computer works fine right now for going on the web, playing games, and such. However it will not read any di...

Watercooling: closing the loop?

Hi guys, just a simple question that I can't seem to find any satisfying answer online.My watercooling loop runs leak-free and is ready for production. Do I need to hermetically close the lid of the reservoir to prevent any outside air from penetrati...

alex3948 by Level 7
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Strange problem

Hey ROGersSince January I notice a strange problem occuring almost every day 1 time.I play BF4, LOL and WoW.No matter which game I play, sometimes the PC / Screen freezes to a low FPS rate, eg: 28-36 for about a second, it all freezes until it contin...

Maximus V Gene won't turn on/power loop

I have a Maximus V Gene build that was working fine for months on my test bench. As soon as I mounted it in a case, it now turns on momentarily and then shuts off after 1-2 seconds. It will repeat this until I turn off the power supply. The CPU fa...

Kavik by Level 7
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PC reboots, no BSOD or hardware errors?

I had a sabertooth z77 for a few years, ran it with a GTX 670 with no issues, i bought a gtx 780 and the PC started to randomly reboot. no errors, just shut off like i pulled the power plug.i thought, ok, maybe power supply- i have an OCZ 1000 watt g...


A thread with this and that, regarding the events at hwbot..The Rookie Rumble Cuphttp://hwbot.org/competition/rookie_rumble_4/Look like fun, and good benchmarks in the cup. Its a individual cup, so you enter as a member VS other members, from all the...

Retired by Not applicable
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