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RealBench wont Run on My System

Folks,Just built a new rig and wanted to run RealBench, but it's doing something odd. I download the file, unzip, click the RealBench icon within the unzip file, and it launches. Gets to where it shows my system stats, and then simply disappears. Fur...

PC4CAB by Level 7
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Does Latency change when overclocked?

so after reading how to tell what are true RAM speeds. i see the same formula from many sites. i usually don't overclock and if i do, i do not want to overclock higher then one stage higher then manufacturer's rating. the ASUS A88X-PRO supported RA...

Zeroed by Level 7
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New to computers

Hello all,Not that this intro matters to many, but it may give you a little information on how to explain computer related things to me.I started school last semester and until then I have never really needed a computer and became pretty technologica...

Never ever do this.

I was searching some of the threads here last night to see if anyone had solved the issue of RIVE motherboards not booting after being powered down. (I did end up finding that removing the CMOS battery for 30 mins seems to have solved the issue for n...

Lower OC capability on M6F compared to GD65?

I was previously using MSI's Z87-GD65. The reason I switched to the M6F is because no one makes VRM blocks for MSI or I didn't look hard enough.But now I have switched, I'm finding that the M6F is only able to achieve 42x stable @ 1.333VID whereas pr...

kangk81 by Level 7
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Gday from Downunder

Hi PC Enthusiasts. Just wanted to introduce myself. My first post so go easy.I just finished my new build based on the Crosshair V Formula Z Mb and I must say It's the best I have ever worked with.I chose to go with the AMD FX 9590 cpu and up to now ...

Memory compatibility MAXIMUS VI GENE

Can anyone suggest some decent compatible RAM for this board.I currently have Avexir Blitz 1.1 Original 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 PC3-17000C9 2133MHz Dual Channel Memory installed but i'm getting error code 53 (incompatible memory)Thanks in advance.

4930k on Rampage IV Balck : advises about OC.

Hi Everyone.As title says i d like to have some suggestion about oc.As a first thing, thi is my full buil9d: 4930k, Rampage 4 Black Edition, 4x8g Corsair Dominator Platinum 2133 (Well than 2x Corsair neutron gtx 240 and 128 gigas as SSD and gtx 780ti...

Alex_D by Level 7
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