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Asus ROG strix z390-f auto overclocked to 5ghz problem

Hi, I tried to overclock my z390-f board to automatic profile 5ghz since it was available but produced an unexpected result. Normally it takes 3-4 seconds to move from post to booting and 5-10 seconds to boot windows, however after the overclock it n...

Asus RX VEGA 56 ROG Strix OC 8GB - Water Cooling

Hi,I'm getting crazy to find a cooling system compatible with my Asus Radeon RX VEGA 56 ROG Strix OC 8GB HBM2.On the web I found that some one use the VEGA 64 backplate , but on the manufacturers websites noboby garantees the full compatibility with ...

Apex IX mod - Adaptive voltages way too low

Hi,This probably isn't a supported topic here on Asus forums but here goes. For fun I had modded a Z270 Apex IX to run a 9700K cpu using a ported bios from an Apex X. Anyhow afterwards all seemed well for a while but noticed that when set to adaptive...

10900kf Asus Maximus formula xii.

Trying to see how to set everything in the bios to stock for this chip in stead of auto. I don’t want to have the board easily the volts and all. What are the things that need to be turned off in the bios for this board not to save power and all that...

14camse by Level 7
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Long time ago i have overclock and it was pretty stable (at least i thought so), but in some game i started to get BSOD Page Fault.I run Prime95 in blend mode and realized i have rounding errors, so i reset my bios to default and started from scratch...

Xopek by Level 7
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Error Code or not? Voltage max?

I have overclocked the CPU to all cores at 4.3 GHz Stable and the voltage is set with offset to 1.288 in the BIOS. The Hardware info is giving me sometimes1.3 Volts. The Ram is running at 3600 MHz. The PC is working fine, but I see this 0C on the mot...

Best way to Liquid cool Quadro K4200 ??

I can't seem to find any information online about how to chill out my Quadro K4200, I contacted Koolance about this and they told me there isn't a full coverage block, but I can go with a generic kit using these...http://koolance.com/gpu-220-video-c...

Asus AI Suite III

Can i download and install the new Asus AI Suite III on older ROG boards(Maximus V Formula) or are they for the Haswell boards only?