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Wow! Intel Stepped Up

Just for the heck of it I insured my i7 3770K cost me $25.00 USD. Well I pushed it to far and it would no longer boot to windows. It was de-lidded by the way. I did seal the IHS with Permatex silicon. (not just to send it in I de-lidded it that way) ...

meankeys by Level 13
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4 way 4.6 not stable

HI Alli saw this YouTube movie from ASUS North America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BoaAT5TkXc4and he have pretty much the same rig as me here is my PChttp://pcpartpicker.com/user/ygarti/saved/4qFGwhen i am running 4 way optimization i am able to ...

ygarti by Level 7
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Continuing Problems with 4770K

Hello everyone,I'm at a complete loss and have no clue what to do anymore.I upgraded my machine back in Sept. 2013 and encountered a lot of problems since then.That's when my entire ordeal began.I RMA'd my CPU 3 times now and I'm about to do it for a...

ROG dual front panel

By any chance anymore of these going to be released for sale ? Working on a ROG theme in an entho primo case and really been wanting one of these, however they seem to be constantly sold out.

GTX 780Ti memory overclock differences

Was just going through the top scores within the 4770K builds over at http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/unigine-heaven-4-0-benchmark-scores.198888/ and found it interesting that I can drive up my memory speed on the Asus GTX780Ti to such a ...

Crashes GTX 580 matrix

Hello everyone,So I have a problem, I have a gtx580 matrix and it has been stable for as long as i remember.But for the past 4 months, the following happened:Battlefield 4: I get a directx crash and drivers crash.World of Warcraft: Screen freezes, so...

xblutch by Level 7
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X99 worth the upgrade

Hi allSorry if this has been asked before, but I am after a wee bit of adviceI have just purchased the Rampage IV Black Edition (not yet opened it so can still return to store), and am starting to wonder if I made the right choice.X99 is not that far...

alyraver by Level 10
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Should I be worried?

I'm not overclocking my computer like mad but I thought I have a pretty strong computer and expected a much higher score. Is there a 'guide' that could tell me approximately what score a certain computer should achieve?I'm running an i5 4670K OC'd to...