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Which notebook should I buy?

Looking at purchasing a new laptop. I've found two choices in my price range that seem to give the most bang for the buck. I would appreciate some opinions from you guys and gals that already have one. Is it worth it to spend the extra $200 bucks ...

shiper by Level 7
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New Build Help

Hello everyone,Seeking general advice on my new build I put together, for some reason the ram keeps being recognized as DDR 1333 when it is qualified at 2133. Bios is updated to the latest.I am running Rampage 4 BEIntel 4930KNoctua DH1432GB GSKILL F3...

TWulf by Level 7
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Haswell IMC's

One thing has struck me..is the difference so fokkin huge when in comes to the IMC, and the mem speed from chip to chip..I have friends running the 4770k + 2800mhz just fineThis 4670K specimen is maxed out at 1600mhz (4gb) 6.6.4And at 4800mhz only 13...

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bios flashing 780dc2 oc

I have now started the bios of the gtx 780 dc2 oc to flashThe first thing I did 3d mark, 3DMark11 Unigine haven and vally over run that one has as comparative values​​.Then I got on GPU Tweak enter the desired values ​​and how clock rates with the st...

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How do I get Tech Support for ROG Headset

I recently bought a ASUS ROG Vulcan Pro Headset in March. I have a problem with the microphone. I have tried to use the ASUS Customer Support online form to submit for RMA. But, it does not have this product on the list for selection. I also coul...

downclocking 280x matrix

recently i got a 280x matrix platinium edi just used msi kombustor to check its max tempit reached 90degrees which i am not confortable withso i was thinking if i can lower the core clocks , load line , power target or whichever helps to reduce the t...

How to stacking Cisco 3750X with 3750G switch ?

I'm worry about how to stack my Cisco 3750X Switch with 3750G? I have on Catalyst WS-C3750X-24P-L switch with with C3KX-NM-10GT, I need to interconnect using stackwise to 3750G-24TS. The 3750X needs IOS 15.0(1) to use C3KX-NM-10GT, and the latest IOS...