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New to AMD, Requesting Advice on BIOS Settings

Hello all,I just put together my first AMD build the other day and began my journey learning all the nuances of these systems. Board is a C7 Hero with an r9 3900x. Updated the BIOS and everyone is getting along just fine. However, the 3900x was runni...

BIOS 1502 & AI OC feature users

I thought I'd start this thread for members who have updated their BIOS to the latest 1502 and use the AI OC feature in the UEFI to OC their Maximus XI mobos. I found with BIOS 1401 AI OCing gave a 22% OC with 48 and 50 CPU multiplier for no load and...

ROG STRIX Z390-I GAMING Overclocking

I dont really have the cooling to overclock (yet) so I'm just running XMP 1 settings in BIOSbut I have synced all cores multiplier (volts etc AUTO). This way all cores see full turbo of 4.6GHzIs this worthwhile? I figure its a good way to get the mos...

ASUS ROG Strix x570-f ram timings issue

Hi there,i have a 3700x on an ROG Strix x570-F board, and 2x16GB G.Skill 3600 CL16 sticks.A while ago, I changed my memory timings. It worked well. Today I download a new version of D-Ram calculator and saw that the recommended timings had been chang...

auto overclock after bios update

Hi, i have a problem with my rig. I've built it over a year ago. The motherboard is an asus z390-f and the cpu is a intel i7 9700k.The problem that occured is that after the latest BIOS update from EZupdate Asus utility the pc started to auto overclo...

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