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Bluetookth Dont work after Install SCP driver!

Hello all I have run with SCP Driver on my asus rampage IV Extreme for 60 days works perfekt, but now when Installed Windows 7, I see the bluetooth work, all work.I install the SCP Driver, and the Bluetooth is gone:( is dont start up anymore. and can...


BIOS Updating For Z87-PRO(V EDITION)

Hi guys,I may need to update my BIOS in the future for this motherboard and would like to know the proper way to do so. I am currently on BIOS version 1205, which is what it came with when I bought the motherboard. What has me confused is that on the...

MAXIMUS VI EXTREME onboard graphics

hello all,I just bought a MAXIMUS VI EXTREME mobo and I have a ENGT240 Asus nVidea graphics card.is it worth it to install the ENGT240 graphics card or should I just use the MAXIMUS VI EXTREME onboard graphics card?thanks in advance,pedro

Microcenter vs. Amazon vs. Newegg

Has anyone noticed that Microcenter sells CPU's substantially cheaper? I.E. an i7-4770k at Microcenter is $269.99, vs. $319 / $339 at Amazon / Newegg. I recently contacted Microcenter and questioned them on the price difference, as I can understand...

Thunderbolt Drive not recognized by Windows 7 (Z87-Expert)

I've spent half a day trying to figure this out, and just like Obi-Wan.... you are indeed my only hope.I have an Asus Z87-Expert mobo that I specifically purchased for the thunderbolt port. After getting my computer going, and installing all of the d...

Knawx by Level 7
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ROG Maximum VI Formula + ThunderboltEX II

So I fear I may have a 27" paperweight sitting on my desk. I purchased a thunderbolt display and quickly realized I couldn't just hook it up like every other monitor. Doing research, after the fact, I see that it requires the use of a ThunderboltEX...

devdazed by Level 7
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Plugging WC pump to fan controller

I have a EK DCP 4.0 pump that is currently running full-speed; so it's making quite a loud noise.I also received my new Lamptron CW611 fan controller; up to 33W per channel. I thought about controlling the pump speed using the controller. The pump is...

Replacing anti glare coating on asus monitor - help

Hi! I have a scratch on my Asus PA238Q monitor. I tried to remove it with Novus polish and it helped a bit, but it's still there and now I also have a little patch around the scratch that is noticeably more reflective >.> ya...I may have over done th...

ThermalX by Level 10
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