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Realbench v2, LOW SCORE, help!

Hello, I run a kind of old high-end PC build with complete liquidcooling, see my signature for details. (my OC isn't at what sign says atm)Here's my Realbench v2 result. With display on 800x600, High power usage mode, and booted with dignostic startu...

Moblos by Level 7
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Complete newbie requires help with 4770K temps

Hi AllI have just built my first pc and need some help with a slight issue.I have the Maximus VI formula MB with an i7 4770K processor, corsair 1866MHz RAM (16GB) and gigabyte nvidia 780 GHz edition GPU and an EVGA 1000G2 PS.All has gone fine except ...

4770k on a maximus formula reported as 800mhz

I have tried all the settings to get away from the processor being reported as 800 Mhz as base clock but simply cant find why it is supposedly set. I see the number in the bios main page. I have turned of all powersavings everywhere and the system i...

Upgrading RAM need some help!

Hey guysI decided I want to upgrade my RAM in my G74SX series intel core i7-2670QM @2.2ghz.Ive currently just got the 8 GB of RAM it came with and just need some advice on whats compatible?The current RAM is this...Does the other 8GB of RAM I add nee...


Something wrong in my Rampage 4 Black

Hi guys.Just wondering if anyone else had this kind of issue and if it can be solved software/driver side.. or if i need an RMA.I had the very first issue during i was assembling this pc: basically switching VGA from slot #1 (where it was stable) to ...

Alex_D by Level 7
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Power connection on the Maximus VI Formula

I'm trying to finish up my build, and I have a question. I'm running the Asus Maximus VI Formula motherboard and I'm using a Corsair ax1200i modular power supply. Do I need to plug in the 24 pin power adapter, the 8 pin power adapter, and the 4 pin p...

rolldog by Level 9
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Something Very Wrong with My Keyboard

My keyboard has gone nuts recently. I bought a slightly used ROG G75 recently and just over the last week the keyboard has become completely useless. Most keys yield no response and a few yield weird results such as repeating themselves with someth...

GPU bios update?

ASUS GPUTweak Live Update said an update was available so I let it run. All seems to have gone well but I'm curious, what is to be gained from updating gpu bios?

Heini by Level 11
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