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Power connection on the Maximus VI Formula

I'm trying to finish up my build, and I have a question. I'm running the Asus Maximus VI Formula motherboard and I'm using a Corsair ax1200i modular power supply. Do I need to plug in the 24 pin power adapter, the 8 pin power adapter, and the 4 pin p...

rolldog by Level 9
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Something Very Wrong with My Keyboard

My keyboard has gone nuts recently. I bought a slightly used ROG G75 recently and just over the last week the keyboard has become completely useless. Most keys yield no response and a few yield weird results such as repeating themselves with someth...

GPU bios update?

ASUS GPUTweak Live Update said an update was available so I let it run. All seems to have gone well but I'm curious, what is to be gained from updating gpu bios?

Heini by Level 11
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ASUS Maximus VI Formula Error Code 00

Hey guys!I recently build my own computer, i really enjoyed doing that. The build went fine and was completed without any problems.Once i booted my computer i installed all the drivers and everything went fine until i went into the bios to change my ...

Overclocking problem (Bsod 124)

Firstly my system specs:-Asus RoG Rapage IV Black editioni7 4930k @ 4.5 ghz16 gb (4x4gb) Corsair Vengeance Pro, 2133MHz, CAS 11-11-11-27, 1.5VEVGA GTX 770 SCCorsair Force GS 240gbCorsair H100iCorsair TX650MCorsair 750D CaseI ordered this computer fro...

Ledge by Level 7
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Something wrong in my Rampage 4 Black

Hi guys.Just wondering if anyone else had this kind of issue and if it can be solved software/driver side.. or if i need an RMA.I had the very first issue during i was assembling this pc: basically switching VGA from slot #1 (where it was stable) to ...

Alex_D by Level 7
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No video display from my Maxiums VI Hero

Just built a new computer, can't view anything on my monitor. Haven't installed Windows, yet. Can't even see BIOS. Mobo turns on, fans spin. Q-Code displays A0. everything seems to be working but the video. Tried multiple monitors and cab...

Cleatus by Level 7
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ancient upgraded hardware wont post boot or beep

I realise this is a long shot but... my asus p5w64 ws pro motherboard won't boot after I changed the old dual core for a Q9650 quadcore and the 4gb of ddr2-667 memory for 8gb of GSKILL ddr2-1066.It did boot again when I briefly put the old cpu/ram b...

Can u help me on ROG Front Base

hey i have rampage iv black edition motherboard and i get today my ROG Front Baseand wen i try to install it i decided the same cable on OC Panel Comes with motherboard and Has no other entrance cable in motherboardso Is there a way to install the tw...