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7.1 Channel Surround Sound on a Crosshair V Formula -Z

Greetings.I have a Crosshair V Formula-Z with SupremeFX III. The back audio jacks are connected to a Razer Riamat 7.1 (Here which works well for when I want to close out the world; however, I would like to build a little more entertainment into the s...

fx 9370 and formulav

new member desperately needs help overclocking fx 9370 and asus crosshair formula v.i just want my system to clock at 5.0 ghz stable.I started this post two weeks ago and unfortunately no replies and i know most of the members succeeded overclocking ...

guy0412 by Level 7
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Deliding a Haswell

I did it without killing the processor, amazed myself, razor blade method. Used my favorite PK-1Doesn't seem to clock any higher but it does run cooler, I am still confused overclocking these CPU's

Menthol by Level 14
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8 pin and 6 pin power on GPU cards PCIE

Am doing some sleeving up on the machine after tweaking for a while. Then a question came up.I fully understand why there are extra power connectors to the GPU board. However what does not make one iota sense to me is why then the Powersupply come wi...

What Is Causing Gaming Lag??

Hello, Recently my asrock fm2 board screwed up its a long story but anyway I managed to get a old MS 7125 board the specs are below but I have done a few tests on games it can run and here are the results GTA Vice City: Playable No Lag GTA San Andrea...

ROG Front Base Audio Issues

So I recently got my ROG front base LCD display, its awesome so far, the readouts are easy on the eyes and the information it gives is helpful. Im having one majorly annoying issue though. Ill be watching a movie, playing a game or watching youtube a...

xbox controller not working with usb 3.0 ports

I just got an Asus g750 jw and my older wired xbox controllers don't want to work on it. When I run troubleshooting, windows 8.1 tells me it is an older model that may not work with 3.0 ports and to plug it in to usb 2.0 which I don't have. Any ideas...

NO Sound Help

Hi guys,I can configure sound through the High Definition Audio panel (Maximus VI Extreme)... However, when I try to listen to youtube clips or play games, I get no sound.... Can anyone help?Thanks,Jim

JimFed by Level 7
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UEFI no drives show

I have swapped out the motherboard of my system with a new Maximus VI Formula (I had a P6t) I wanted the faster bus speed for the SSD, and USB3. But when I choose UEFI only, only one hard drive and an external hard drive show up. I have to choose leg...