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Maximus vi formula +4770k new build problems

hello,i just finished the build today and installed windows 8.1 and I have some problems that really get into my nerves.first of all I went to the device manager and noticed two devices with yellow exclamation marks. some intel bus controller (i thin...

morky by Level 7
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Problems with Asus Crosshair V Formula Z

I I run Crossfire system with two HD 7950er cards Bring this as a single in Heaven 4.0 with Extreme 1115 points in the OC. But when Crossfire the same value or even a two more points. I have already spoken with Asus Did the first time bios update tha...

hd7870-dc2-gd5-v2 voltage over limit..help?

Hey I have my hd 7870 has power limit 1219 mV usually runs at 1.209 mv at max at gpu-z..but when I activated voltage usage in gpu tweaks suddenly my voltage goes over 1219 mV like 1.300 mV...and power temperature at 240C for only a second..so I turne...

Paw's P.O.V

Ok, much has been said and done in this community these last few years, both guns and roses .Now that Paw have tried a lot of different motherboards from different manufacturers, paw want to write a line .The motherboards Asus forward, and especially...

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maximus vi formula boot time

so i finished my build yesterday and cant help but notice that it takes almost a minute to boot to windows 8.1. Fast boot and hardware fast boot is enabled but other than that i havent changed anything else in the bios.any ideas why it takes so much ...

morky by Level 7
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CPU cache whats the deal?

Hi,I got my maximus VI formula up and running nicely on 4.6 ghz full time. It requires a bit of voltage to be stabile but i can keep the temperatures reasonable with my watercooling system.Meanwhile i have so far not really found a way to understand ...

Does this laptop even exist?

I am looking for a new laptop and I've come across the same model of the Asus G750JH T4086H on every site that sells computers in my country (Slovenia, btw). I wanted to see if this model really exist because I did not find any site at all that sells...

Dawix11 by Level 7
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