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Asus Maximus VII Ranger overclocking

Hey guys.This is my first ever self build so I'm hoping I can get some help with overclocking my processor.I'm running a maximus vii ranger with an intel i5 4670k processor and air cooling - dark rock pro 3. I get high 28-32C on idle, and 65C max on ...

Bluescreen on my Asus ROG G74s

Guys I have a real problem!But first of all please excuse my not really well english (I´m form Germany and 15 years old)! I bought my G74s in the December of 2012 and since then I hadn´t any problems. My big problem is, that I had five bluescreen...

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GTX 780 x8 - nVIDIA gpu running at x8 native

Helloi upgrade my pc before 4 months, & i since i purchased my new pc, i don't monitor my PC using CPUZ or GPUZhere is my speci7-4470K @ 3.5 stock speedAsus Maximus VI Hero (bios 1402)MSI GTX 780 Gaming OC 3GB Samsung 840 Pro 128GBSeagate Barracuda 2...

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Favorite Benchmark and way to Overclock

Hi everyone, I just joined Asus HQ few days ago and I will take part in the ROG forum and more especially in the Overclocking part.To know a little bit more about you guys (and maybe girls) I will like to ask you few questions about what do you like....

AkaNe0 by Level 10
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Maximus VI Extreme Operational Issues

I'm at a bit of a loss here, so I'm hoping someone might have some suggestions for a Windows 8.1 freezing issue that's come up recently.The problem tends to occur any time a driver update / install is attempted. The system will literally stop respon...

Buzzing Sound with headphones -ROG tytan CG8480

Bought my new Tytan yesterday, pleased with every aspect exept one:When I connect my headphones to the PC, I can hear a weird buzzing noise, even when I mute the system!The strange part is that launching a game (for example Battlefield 4), the noise ...