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Solving POST delays

Hey guys,One of the main reasons I went ROG over other companies other than the quality was the increase in boot speed, power button to Win8 log in screen. Upon first installation, enabling Fast Boot, Fast Hardware Boot, MRC Fast Boot, DIsable CSM wi...

VeerK by Level 9
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Plextor M6e - which pci slot?

I am considering purchasing the Plextor M6e 256gb ssd. It is a pci card vs a regular ssd. It is supposed to be a PCI- 2.0 x2 card. Any suggestions on which PCI Express slot on my Crosshair V Formula-Z board I would use. Any and all suggestions greatl...

jte102 by Level 7
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trying to get the max out my i7 3820

Oke guys, but for the fun of tweaking, and let the cpu run for his money as high as it will safe get, I,m going for 4.8ghz for 24/7 so set it to 4.8ghz and run prime95 at small fft for 50 minutes. vcore in bios is at 1.4v, do you guys see anything st...

gup16 by Level 7
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Raid 0 with 2 x GTX 240GB

Hi Guys Please can you help. I have a Rampage IV Extreme . I am running 2 x GTX 240 GB SSD in raid 0 .I followed the tread on how to set it up and had no problems but the speed seems iffy.What am I doing wrong.

xXx by Level 10
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BSoD every 5-10 hours. At a loss of what is going on

Hi Guys,I put a new build together a few weeks ago and i thought everything went very smoothly. I managed to overclock my intel core-i7 4930k to 4.6 GHz and primed for a few hours and it was stable if not a bit hot.I first picked up an issue when i w...

Lupy87 by Level 7
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Triple screen connections

Hopefully this should be a simple question.I want to run a quad screen setup from my GTX780.I have 3 x Iiyama X2783 HSU screens which i will use for my gaming and also a smaller dell screen DVI input for other windows (chat etc).I would obviously con...

Rampage 3 Extreme doesnt boot

Hey guys,it just blows! my rampage 3 extreme wont boot up, it doesnt even show something - bs all the time! The q-led VGA shines. i already tested my videocard at a dudes comp, its still allive! i googled and tested some things like disassemble the e...

Haswell and air cooler.......

Yesterday i read a post in this forum, from a guy, he didnt really know what to expect from a 4670k and a "regular" air coolerSo i thought i might give it a go>SetupM7G 4670K (not a cherry)Mem at 2133mhzOffset OC 4200mhzCache clock> auto/41TIM = MX-4...

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Slow SSD Boot times with Win7

Yesterday I updated the BIOS on my Maximus VI Extreme and now my boot times are crap. It takes me about 5-7 min to boot, where before it was less then a min. Could this be the bios? I tired an older version of the bios and I still have the same issue...