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Overclocking 4790k

Hi all, Just fitted my new Maximus VII Hero and i7 4790kComing from my 990fx Sabertooth and FX8350@4,6Ghz the difference is well worth it.I have this community to thank for the upgrade path... Been looking at threads about Haswell overclocking and wi...

First build I need help with drivers and BIOS

I am posting this on behalf of a friend, below is the post in his own words.HeyFirst of all, I am an old fart, not that techsavy, so please be gentle with me Link to build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/96kpmGI just got a real bargain last week, a half y...

karlo by Level 7
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Pre-ordered 4790k processor

After all the tempting reviews I pre-ordered a 4790k from Newegg. Hopefully it will last longer than the 4770k Chips I degraded with high overclocks. The 4790k will go into a Maximus VI extreme motherboard. Will test it out and post results when...

samual by Level 11
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G51J overheating

Hello, I don't know if this is the right section to post in, but my asus g51j recently began overheating to the point of shutting itself down. I tried many solutions read on this and other forums, in particular I cleaned the fan and changed the therm...

Edoardo by Level 7
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i7 4790K OC and cooling observations

Did all the BIOS and ME upgrades for the M6F a few days ago and just put in a 4790K and checked it out. Hey, it works! The question is how well.With optimized defaults, EIST, Turbo etc. the little darlin' ran correctly in the 800 to 4400MHz clock ...

jab383 by Level 13
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Hallo,I'm new around here so here's a short intro...Name--> Goos, from Hollandpc--> asus hero mb, 4670K, 16gb corsair vengeance LP, gtx780 dc2, psu coolermaster 750 Can i enable the cpu for openCL benchmark? or would this be cheating?I have noticed t...

GoosNL by Level 9
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Maximus VI Formula Power Button Problem.

My system is Maximus VI Formula 4670K8gb Ram2 SSD3 HDD2 R9 290X Reference model ASUS Cards WatercooledSwiftech MCP35X22 360 Rads3 Noctua Fans4 Corsair 900D fans3 Gentle TyphoonsCorsair RM1000 Power supplyMy system is overclocked but the problem persi...

Intel Extreme Tuning Utility

I was under the impression that the Intel XTU only worked with Intel motherboards for some reason, but I just downloaded version to see if the Benchmark and monitoring tools would work with my system and it seems to work fine (not that I plan...

IM2L844 by Level 12
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