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Turn off turbo boost!

I have a Asus Maximus VII Ranger motherboard and want to turn off turbo boost but cant find it in bios, searched everywhere.Anyone know where it is and how to turn it off?

Does Al Suite 3 turn off turbo boost?

I have Asus VII Ranger motherboard with i7-4790K CPU. I just ran the 5 way optimization in Al Suite 3, and got the choice to put the either on 4400 Mhz, 4600 Mhz or 4800 Mhz. I choose 4400 Mhz and everything went fine. However, i remember that the cl...

CPU Help Please

I know the answer is here someplace but I do not know how to ask the question correct I guess.The Devil's Canyon says on the Intel website16 PCIe lanesPCIe config up to 1.16,2x8.1x8/2x4So does this mean if I have a motherboard that runs 2 x16 I will,...

Getting BSODs when activating XMP Profile

Hi guys. I've recently built a new gaming PC and i'm actually having some BSODs ("Memory_Management", "Page_Fault_on_Paged_Area") even while doing simple tasks, when activating the XMP profile to run at 1866Mhz.I've tested the sticks with both 1866Mh...

looking for tips to OC i7 4770k

As the title states I would like to get a better oc on my cpu. currently at 4.4ghz would like to hit 4.6ghz or better. All attempts at stable 4.6 have caused problems. I am sorta new to oc'ing so I have probably set something wrong going for the high...

v4p3rz by Level 7
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Max RAM on K55VM ?

Please someone tell me how much RAM K55VM can support ?Some people says 8 GB and some says 16 GB .I have installed 16 GB and windows is also showing .. So it is supporting or it will use 8 GB only ?Is there any test for the same ?

How to update Bios?

So i just went on the site http://www.service.asus.com/#!downloads/c1wax and searched my mother board, Z87-PRO, and found out there were multiple new bios,bios-utilities, hotfixes, chipsets files available for download and i was hoping someone out th...

Miphilyu by Level 7
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OpenCL Benchmarking

I posted the following concern in the Developer Zone of the official nVidia website. The link is https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/759222/cuda-programming-and-performance/opencl-benchmarking/ and is located in the CUDA Programming and Performa...

ron1cne by Level 7
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