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Gunnar Optics for Gaming

Hi Friends,I want to buy Gunnar optic glasses for long play gaming. I heard its best for preventing Headache and eye dryness, so please give me advise which is best for eyes for long hour gaming's. Please reply ur advise helps me lot as always. Below...

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SSDs not being recognized in UEFI???? Help

http://forums.extremeoverclocking.com/showthread.php?t=372193The above link is to my build, this board is my third RMA, to be honest I am becoming displeased with this edition of ASUS product line. However, I am no professional myself and understand ...

Rampage IV Black USB 3.0 Issues......

Hello Guys,I just recently bought my Rampage IV black and everything works fine except for ALL USB 3.0 Ports.....Front and Rear USB 3.0 are only working at 2.0 speed. All drivers are installed correctly and my USB 3 ready Stick & WD Passport is worki...

Rampage IV Black - DTS Connect

I heard that the Rampage IV Black Edition comes with DTS Connect functionnality; I have a home theater system with optical input.Is there a way to get 5.1 sound (DTS) through the Rampage IV Black optical output? I know some Asus Xonar DS cards can do...

Need Help

Hello I built my first Gaming PC about a month ago. It worked great for about two weeks, until I installed a SSD. I started getting blue screens. Then i turned off the PC, this stated happening I can't get a signal on the monitor. Just restarts ever...

New forum contest?

Since Hiviz is not here right now, and it was ages ago we had a contest in here..What do you guys think??Benchmarking..

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Large finger/Hand keyboard

Greetings all, I figured I would start here where all of the PC/console gamers were bound to be. I know all of you superpstars could help me decide!First off I have been a PC gamer since the mid 90's. A console gamer..well since way back when Atari h...