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Different VID`s after reboot PC

Hello. I use ASUS Prime Z390 a with 9900k. When i use adaptive voltage with turbo 1.29 ... my CPU VID`s stay near 1.29, but sometime after reboot it stay`s near 1.27 (maximum VID`s) that`s my problem, becouse total VCORE down to 1.24 (LLC6) ... with...

Can't overclock my Ram above 3000mhz

Hi guys, so i bought a new pc and can't go above 3000mhz with the Profile 2 While Profile 1 with 3600mhz rebooting my pc and goes back to the biosMy specsTuf Gaming b550-plus (updated bios to the latest version 1401)CPU AMD 3600XTMemory:Kingston Hype...

Maximus XII speed issues! Unable to run XMP or DDR 3600

cpu 10700kSticker on purchased ram says F4-3600C16-32GTZN DDR4-3600 16gb x 216-16-16-36 1.35vThaiphopon data on the RamModule Manufacturer: G.Skill Module Part Number: F4-3600C16-16GTZN Module Series: Trident Z Neo DRAM Manufacturer: Samsung DRAM Com...

bwana by Level 10
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Tuf Gaming Z490 Overclock

I've never OC'd a cpu, and due to my lack of understanding, have had to resort to paying the $20 insurance fee to intel, to use their Performance Maximizer. I've got a 10900KF on an Asus Tuf Gaming Z490 wifi. It got me a 5.2 passing, but throttled it...

JLB by Level 7
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Maximus XI Formula - Dual water loop control in BIOS?

Hey folks,Finally finished my dual loop build, and am trying to determine a good way to control the rad fans and pumps via BIOS. Everything is PWM. I'm on BIOS 1802. Currently I have the following set for each loop:CPU fan -> CPU/CRM pumpChassis f...

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Maximus XII and Viper Steel 4400mhz RAM

I am using 4 x 8GB sticks of Patriot Viper Steel DDR4400 along an i9 10850k and a Maximus XII board.I can only get it to run at 4133mhz which is expected and with the timings below.Voltages I have 1.47 DRAM and 1.30v for VCCIO and SA and I have loade...

ROG STRIX Z490-E Display Port not working

Hi,I'm currently without a gpu and i'm trying to connect to the display port of the motherboard and use my intel i5 10600k Internal gpu.HDMI output works fine but displayport seems to be dead, i tried different monitor and different cables but nothin...

Need help with Ram DOCP on 570-E

Hello peepsI'm trying to see if i can use my ram sticks to 3200 atleast on my rig but to no avail, i get BOSD or random freezes.I have read around that there are ways indeed to stabilize this with some tuning but i have no idea on this Can anyone he...

Stamos by Level 7
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z390-e STRIX VCCIO + VCCSA Voltages

Does anyone know why the bios would override manual inputs for these voltages? See pics below.I've dialed in stable CPU and memory overclocks. OCCT for system stability and HCI MemtestPro for memory stability (400% coverage with current 17-19-19-39 @...