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Funny CPU Temperatures

Hi, I have a Asus Maximus V Extreme & 3770k@4.8Ghz~ And that computer works amazing good ! But now I build 2 other systems, a Gigabyte G1 Sniper M3 & 3770K@4.5Ghz~ Also running perfektBUT the third system there is something wrong with Gigabyte Z97X S...

Need some advise on new hard drive

Hey,I'd like to buy myself a new primary hard disk drive/ solid state drive.I use the drive only for the operating system and all programs like Firefox and Office.Games are on other drives.My current hdd has got 124gb, and the space is getting smalle...

Rienha by Level 7
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New to PC Building, Help

So i recently got my parts for my pcI Currently do not have my GPU.It's all connected properly but no POST, Or boot flash, HDD Makes a soundcpu fan runs,psu fan runs, motherboard bios light, lights up


OC button problem - PLEASE HELP

Hi everyone, I bought an Asus G30AB with The 4th generation Intel® Core™ i5, NVIDIA GFORCE GTX 660 3 GB and Windows 7 - x64My problem is that i can only OverClock trought BIOS and the "SPEED" Button doesn't work - when i press it nothing happensWhat ...

gingash by Level 7
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Overclocking Gryphon Z97

Hi Everyone,I'm new to the forum and over-clocking. So, I'm a complete novice. That said, here are my specs:Am using this setup for 3D Parametric Modeling primarily using Inventor SoftwareAsus Gryphon Z97 mATX motherboardFractal Design Arc Mini R2 C...

SLI and Sound Card, Where to Place Components

Hello my wonderful ROGers!I've recently gone SLI with my GTX 780 to get that extra horsepower and make my rig devour all games Unfortunately, I've had a problem spacing them out because I also own a sound card, the Creative ZxR. I currently have a Ma...

VeerK by Level 9
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BCLK 100 , 195 or 200 whats the deal

Hi,I have been tweaking around on the 4770k on my Maximus VI formula on the standard settings of 100 Mhz BCLK and the standard multipliers for the cores. That works fine and I get up to a decent speed 4600 - 4800 Mhz. I have also been able to tweak t...