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Leaderboard V2 - pagination doesn't work

Hi guys,I have been trying to browse some results of RealBench and I have noticed that its still showing the first page, no matter what page I select, the filters work, I have tried it in Firefox and IE, is it just me or is there some bug?

InToSSH by Level 7
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Very poor firestrike scores

Hey guys!I always liked my amd cpu's but maybe its time to toss in the towel.My benchmarks are horrible, with a decent overclock to 5.14ghz, and my cards overclocked slightly as well.iirc my highest firestrike score to date was something like 14,338 ...

Z97 DELUXE - Protective fil on heatsink ?

Hi Guys,just bought Asus Z97 DELUXE. On motherboard is golden circle heatsink - but it has sort of plastic film on it. Is it protection film which should be peeld off before I use motherboard, or its something else and I should leave it there and don...

Corsair H100i fan compatibility

Hi,I am going to put this cooler in my new build. I would like to extend the default configuration with a pull-push one. I want to use Corsair fans from this page: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/case-fansNow my question is: 1) should I go for quiet or ...

ASUS MAXIMUS VI HERO hissing/white noise

So for the longest time, i thought my previous headsets wires or usb plug were defective, because i was hearing a hissing/white noise constantly. Its as soon as i put on my desktop the noise starts. So the other day i ran out and got a new headset ho...

Danoga by Level 7
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XMP Settings Increased Temps 20 Degrees?

Just assembled the below system...4790KCorsair h100i CoolerHero VII16GB G.Skill Trident 1600 DDR3Gigabyte Windforce 4GB GTX770500 GB Samsung 840 Evo SSDCorsair 850 PSUEverything worked fine at boot and I stressed tested using Realbench 2.2 and Prime...

GPU temps with and without Precision X

Hi everybody I have a question! Precision when X is completely off (not started) For a game that takes a lot of resources, the temperature rises up to 95 ° C and the fan climbs to 50% I must have loaded precision X with a curve for the fan exceeds 50...

External subwoofer problem

Ok I can't seem to find anything about this on other treads so I will ask it hereI just got my G56JR for about a week now. For the first few days, the external subwoofer didn't really give a strong audible bass. Few days later, the subwoofer doesn't ...

Cucur by Level 7
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Configuring Offset Mode for Vcore

Configuring Offset Mode for VcoreHi ForumPosting a new thread on this as I beleive it is a whole other topic in itself starting from here:http://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread...untry=&status=I have been able to obtain a stable clock of 4.7GHz at 1.38...