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Matrix 7970 Matrix 280x Crossfire ?

Hey Ladies and Gents ! !, i have a simple question i hope you can help me out with ! i was woundering if i can run the matrix 7970 and the matrix 280x together in crossfire ! thanks :cool::cool::cool::cool:

ASUS Maximus V Formula Windows 8.1 installation BSOD

Hi there, i`m posting on my brother`s behalf.He has the following configuration : Intel 2600k16 GB 1600 MHz Corsair RamASUS Maximus V Formula Mother boardGainward GTX 460PSU Corsair TX 650The thing is , Windows 7/8 works just fine. But when ever he t...

Florin by Level 7
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ROG RealBench

Hi is this bench good to test my cpu ocing process stability and ram also ? they have many tests now like intel and asus and prime 95 ex but i want to stick with rog from now on . am having some hard time with other forums recently ...

How to return to stock drivers?

Ever since I updated my drivers to 14.4, my computer has been crashing CONSISTENTLY. I have a ATI mobility RADEON HD 5870. I want to return to the original drivers I had? Any idea how?

R9 280x 3 monitor

Hello AllCould someone help me with my problem. I just bought 3rd monitor lg 22ea63 and I connect it to graphic card and .... windows cannot use it.System see all 3 monitors but I can use only two, all 3 monitors are lg 22... and have dvi, hdmi and v...

koczki by Level 7
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HWBot - Rookie Rumble AMD #4

I have been there, done it , got the T-shirt and something else I entered this competition in the last hour just for the experience (7th place).There was a "Lucky Draw Giveaway" which I scored, bagging a T-shirt and a Cooler Master Nepton Seidon 120V...

Leaderboard V2 - pagination doesn't work

Hi guys,I have been trying to browse some results of RealBench and I have noticed that its still showing the first page, no matter what page I select, the filters work, I have tried it in Firefox and IE, is it just me or is there some bug?

InToSSH by Level 7
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Very poor firestrike scores

Hey guys!I always liked my amd cpu's but maybe its time to toss in the towel.My benchmarks are horrible, with a decent overclock to 5.14ghz, and my cards overclocked slightly as well.iirc my highest firestrike score to date was something like 14,338 ...

Z97 DELUXE - Protective fil on heatsink ?

Hi Guys,just bought Asus Z97 DELUXE. On motherboard is golden circle heatsink - but it has sort of plastic film on it. Is it protection film which should be peeld off before I use motherboard, or its something else and I should leave it there and don...

Corsair H100i fan compatibility

Hi,I am going to put this cooler in my new build. I would like to extend the default configuration with a pull-push one. I want to use Corsair fans from this page: http://www.corsair.com/en-us/case-fansNow my question is: 1) should I go for quiet or ...