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Can I buy a Rog Swift pg278q from the UK?

Can I buy the pg278q from the United Kingdom and have it shipped to the US and use it on 120v? Will I need any converter or can I use a regular US monitor cord?? And if not is there a country I can order the monitor from that will run on the US stand...

eqarmy by Level 7
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New build problems!

Right guys, I have a couple of problems that I can't seem to fix I'll start by listing the hardware:Maximus vi formulaI7 4770kThermal take water 3.0 extreme16 gb Kingston hyper x fury 1866 ghzCorsair rm 850 psu Crucial m540 ssdSeagate 3 tb hadLg opti...

Losing Control

Hello,Lately I've been getting the nice little prompt warning of my liquid cooling that came with my FX-8150 bundle from newegg a couple years ago. It keeps telling me its in the 500rpm range. I tried turning turbo on and itll spike to 1k rpm but the...

timinsk by Level 7
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ASUS Maximus VI gene + 4670k Help to OC even further

Hi guys,it's my first thread here, and i need some help to get my machine even further. So i upgraded from Maximus V gene and 3570k and i am looking to push it to the limits. I am currently running on 4.4ghz with 1.32v, 1600mhz on ram and it seems to...

CPU Temps and Fan Control (G53jw) - Help!

Computer is an Asus ROG G53jw running Win7 Home Premium.Over the past month or so, I've been getting "clock interrupt" BSODs on my G53jw. I took the machine apart and discovered that the CPU fan is not spinning consistently, and temp monitoring softw...

ImagoX by Level 7
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Help on video card issue

hello, i am seeking for help in order to fix my computer, i had left my computer on sleep and when i went to wake it up it froze, i restarted and got a BSOD with an 0x116 error, i have a nvidia geforce 660 , i reinstalled the drivers to a previous v...

yeLLoW by Level 7
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