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too much time for startup on win 8.1

my pc takes around 1 min to start in window 8.1 pro.(fastboot enabled)cpu-fx 9370 with nepton 140xlgraphic card-asus r9280 dc2tmobo-asus rog crosshair v formula zram- gskill trident x-16 gb-CL-10-2400mhzpsu-100wos-window 8.1 pro 64bit-piratedmany tim...

External Hard Drive Dillema

Hi Everyone,I'm getting tired of buying new External Hard Drives because of Disk I/O errors. Parts of the disk being damaged, me losing data. This is my 4th External 1 TB disk.I'm extremely careful with placing the disk in my bag when I travel. Alway...

ROG SWIFT PG278Q + Nvidia 3D Vision

Hi guys. I am wanting to upgrade to a GSync monitor and was thinking of the ROG SWIFT PG278Q or the Asus 24" VG248QE. The ROG swift is a clear winner in terms of quality. But I do love NVidia 3D Vision. So my question is; will the ROG Swift monitor a...

feldoh by Level 7
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Removal of decals

Has anyone had success in removing the ROG decal from the chipset heat sink of the Maximus 7 Gene? How about painting the remaining red heat sink parts? I'm trying to clean up the motherboard's look and get it as black as I can.

vroom by Level 7
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Requesting Assistance with Asus Crosshair V Formula Z

I know I am probably out of the correct forum however I recent was piecing together my new system with the crosshair V formula Z. I have the 100i liquid cooled and the AMD FX 8 core. When I boot I get no video out of the graphics card (keep in mind t...

Phreaky by Level 7
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I/O A & GT (analog & Digital) v

I have the Deluxe z97 and I have it set to XMP not fully manual mode. I set the Vcore manaul, Ucore manual, and set the I/O's to auto. Its showing as: IA 1.320 in HWMonitor, is that accurate? the GT is +0.00 I have no idea what its actual volta...

Asus ROG Swift Gaming Monitor

hello guydo anyone know when is the new rog swift monitor coming out?I don't know when it coming out but i hope it is not coming out end of 2Q. i can't wait that long... i need it now lol i hate playing off my bad tv hahahaha

darktron by Level 8
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stuck in I-ROG 2 is updating ... need help !!!

hello every one i was playing games on my asus maximus formula vi when a window came up and said a new update for bios is available do you want to download i thought why not so i downloaded it but i did not install and then it completed downloading a...

momiplus by Level 7
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