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Is this really an instability?

Running an 8h stress test with half my ram and a large paging file. Got an instability detected but cannot find any others posting the same. It reads:WARNINGS for files:C:\Users\at\Downloads\RealBench_v2.43\RealBench\Output\stress0001.jpg : The proce...

AT_ by Level 7
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BIOS Descriptions

I would LOVE to see just a break down of the various BIOS settings, Possibly a short description! ASUS is pretty good about having discussions and many of the features in the BIOS but there are always new features that I am curious about. When A prog...

Wireless Woes.

Hey all,Im having issues with the built in AX wifi on the x570-i Strix Gaming board. I've deleted the wireless drivers, reinstalled them, rebooted the machine, set static parameters for ipv4, enabled DHCP, and Im still only getting 15-20 Mbps on an u...

Veovis by Level 10
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Some questions regarding 5930k oc

Asus x99m ws (latest bios 4001)4x8Gb corsair lpx 3200The cpu is currently running 4.4, with only xmp profile and offset of +0.250 vcore in bios. So I thought it was stable, but running BDO (black desert online), I get hard locks after a couple of min...

CPU-Z update

Hello @NodensIs it possible to have a CPU-Z update, so that RealBench "recognizes" the latest CPUs ?I tried to do it myself, but I got an error message "Program Files modified or corupted" in the RealBench windowThanks

tistou77 by Level 13
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Could really use some help - 4770k

I've been trying to dial in an overclock lately and I've hit a wall. My motherboard is a Maximus 7 Formula. So my CPU (4770k) is a bad overclocker, I tried 4.3Ghz and it took over 1.35V to get it stable. So I decided to drop it down to 42x on all cor...

Z490-A Prime motherboad NVME greyed out in bios?

Hey guys. I installed a 1tb wd black m2 ssd. The WD software is telling me that the drives capability is PCI 3.0 x 4 but the running speed currently is x 2. When I went into the bios of my motherboard, I saw nvme was greyed out where my SSD was liste...

Asus Maximus Hero XI / Sabrent NVME / Speed up boot

Hi,I recently got an nvme and installed windows on it but I don't see a big difference for windows boot. Some people claming they boot in few seconds, i boot in like 11 seconds. I know it's fine and all but i was wondering what I could improve to ge...

Asryan by Level 10
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