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So whenever the computer is off and I accidentally hit the mouse buttons, the light on the mouse would turn on for no reason. I was wondering if there is a way to disable that? I tried switching to a different usb port, it does the same thing!

rick216 by Level 7
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GPU Trouble with Maximus VII Formula Watchdogs

Hello friends, how are you? Well, I've realized my dream and bought a Maximus VII Formula Watchdogs. Well, I have turned on the board with my processor (Intel I7 4790K), my memory (a single module 8GB Kingston DDR3 1333) and my video card (Radeon Po...

Issues with RAM on an ASUS Maximus VII Gene

Good day! I'm having issues with running my Kingston HyperX Beast 2400mhz RAM on it's XMP profile on an ASUS Maximus VII Gene w/ a 4790k. It has 2 profiles:Profile #1: 2400MHz, 11-13-14, 1.65VProfile #2: 2133MHz, 11-13-13, 1.6VProfile #2 works but ev...

Maximus VI Hero has no video signal

Working on my first build and mobo won't give a video signal. I've already followed this process: 3. Extract the BIOS file and rename the file to M6H.CAP.4. Put the BIOS file on your USB pendrive.5. Connect the USB pendrive to the the USB port that's...

Maximus VI Hero no video signal

I need ideas. I've set up everything like any other PC I've built, yet I keep getting no video signal, whether its through the onboard HDMI or my Radeon 6870. Everything else fires up fine. My only leads are that the q-code displays 13 before quickly...

Video Resolution of my webcam? [G73JH]

Hi. First post! I'm using a G73Jh which has a 2.0MP inbuilt webcam.Now I'm wondering what the max. video resolution of this camera is. I've tried recording videos with it and it gave me 680x480. I used to have the generic Microsoft driver, then I loo...

Young by Level 7
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Question regarding the battery of G550.

I just bought a new G550 gaming laptop. In the past my friends have advised me to remove the battery when I am using it continuously for hours in order to preserve the life of the battery but the problem is that the back plate of the G550 is a solid ...

Overclocking AMD FX-8350 / Crosshain V Formula-Z

Hi,I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but ,What the maximum temp of an FX-8350 on a Crosshair V Formula-z.Are there any official specs on this? I'm finding all sorts of stuff on the web that are saying 70c and 62c on the core, but...

g750 ps4 monitor

First off i didn't know if this was the right place to put this, if not i apologize.im looking into buying a ps4 and i wanted to use my g750 as a monitor for it.from what i found out the g750 does not have hdmi input which i kind of already knew. it ...

TGFate by Level 7
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