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formula z 8350 thermal sensor question

hi everything works excellent but one thing i dont understand , how on idle i get cpu temp reading 9 degrees celsius and i am using closed loop water cooling nepton 280l , my ambient temp is around 25 degrees celsius. is it possible that thermal diod...


OC Guide encyclopedia

Hi all,As per the thread, is there a rough guide to basic decent OC with certain hardware combinations.Currently running an old p8p67 with 2600k overclocked through a comprehensive guide found online.I'm looking for the same thing for a Asus Maximus ...

G. Skill or Corsair vengeance

Hello there!I've been looking for a 16gb quad channel RAM and i've found these 2 results:G.Skill F3-14900CL9Q-16GBZL: https://pcpartpicker.com/part/gskill-memory-f314900cl9q16gbzlCorsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M4X2133C11R: https://pcpartpicker.com/part/co...

Danuts by Level 7
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What does vccsa and vccio actually do?

I know this question has been ask many time before. but it seems there're different answers to this same old question.popular opinion is that VCCSA is System Agent Voltage, and it stabilizes or helps overclock BLCK, while VCCIO (commomly known as VTT...

USB Device Limit on M7F?

I have run into a problem with my new build I have not encountered before. I use a Flight Simulator Cockpit that has 4 powered hubs connecting 25 Siatek gauges, panels and controllers etc to the front 4 USB 2.0 ports on my case. I also have my USB m...


Be carefull if u decide to buy a G30AB no AI III for this prebuilt machine , only AI ll the latest G39AB was released in May 2014 and is obsolete already as in no new software or driver releases shame its expensive machine . The Motherboard is a r...

Voltmodding 8800GTX

Firstly you need one 8800GTX, ref. card.I've delidded my cards, it drops the temps quite a bit.For VRM/VRAM cooling I just used a hacksaw and adjusted the stock cold plate so the waterblock would fit.I'm using watercools VGA blocks, they're great whe...

twisted1 by Level 12
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water cooling question?

Alight folk hope yall have had a good day. So I have a question weather a triple 120mm rad will do the job if I'm going to add two gpu's (Asus matrix platinum 7970s) to my loop? Already running a cpu config now so its going to be cpu+gpu setup. I'm n...

Kinda upset regarding my missing *extra stuff*

So i recently bought a ROG G750 laptop from best buy and I didnt get my sticker and micro fabric / etc... I know its nothing but im a sticker boy where I like to spam my desktop PC with stickers and I was looking forward to this..I took the item back...

tnt2v2 by Level 7
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