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Q Code 63 and rebooting issues

I'm not sure what's causing this issue, but I just finished up a new build that I've been working on for a couple of months. I finished it up a couple of days ago and everything was working fine, but now all of a sudden, when I power up my PC, it sc...

rolldog by Level 9
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I7 4790 overclocking issue?

Hello all! I have a quick question. I am overclocking my I7 4790K processor using Ai suite III . I can manage to get 4.8 Ghz with the aplication however it is completely unstable in Aida 64. It will run for say 7 min then BSOD. However if I just use ...

JT297 by Level 7
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5GHz 4790K on air - how to stabilize?

Hi everybody,First, I'm new to this forum,. been lurkingh a little while upgradin my old rigg.I have some questions together with some (for me) exciting results:The question is What can I try to get my 5Ghz stable, or is the voltage just too much?I j...

tannat by Level 7
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Poseidon GTX780

Just wondering how well this will work on a 4k monitor and what version of display port does this card use

Update BIOS Asus Impact VI

Hola que tal? Recientemente he comprado este motherboard y un I5 4690K... El mother es REV 1.02, veo que tengo que actualizar el BIOS y quisiera que me ayuden un poco por favor.Estaba leyendo de la actualizacion por USB ya que no dispongo de un proce...

Rampage IV Gene - CPU Temp gets stuck at 40c alot

Hello.I have this problem, my cpu temp gets stuck at 40c often, and at the same time, the fan speeds drop to the minimum possible RPM which is like 700 rpm. Other temperatures continue to read accurate such as CPU case temp and all the core temps etc...


Should I update my BIOS I use AI 2 and there's a part for updating the BIOS is it ok to do this?

ayitt by Level 7
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ROG case please !!

My wish list for next year: Monitor: PG278Q Keyboard: GK2000Mouse: GladiusGraphic Card: Whatever released next year by nvidia and having a ROG sticker on it, I will skip GTX 980 due to non-generational power leapYes I want to go full ROG! The only th...

Asus Maximus IV Extreme Overclocking Problem!

So i just got a Maximus IV yesterday, buying it for the reason of overclocking.I followed a couple of guides to get an impression about how everything works, and i think i understand most of it.In my BIOS i use the turbo ratio limit to set the mulitp...

bram98 by Level 7
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Asus vg278he 7 amd 6900hd

Only showing 60hz UN- Installed ,AMD removed all , Then re-installed AMD for the 6900 , Still showing 60hz , nothing higherShowing up in device manger as Generic Pnp monitoron Win 7 64 bitAsus vg278he & (not 7) amd 6900hdSOLVED ,,, hear the bells ...

sutex by Level 7
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