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Intel I7 4770k with Maximus VI Impact

Hey everyone, I got this mobo and Processor on thursday and I can't seem to get the CPU to work properly, I'm getting trash results on any Benchmark software I use. I've tried setting the BIOS to optimal defaults and also using the AI Suite 3 Optimis...

DipAwayMode.exe WER Error

Anyone got an idea what causes this Application Error on Booting?Version=1EventType=APPCRASHEventTime=130560530839607249ReportType=2Consent=1UploadTime=130560531135846145ReportIdentifier=a8660d20-440f-11e4-8614-7824af3752c9IntegratorReportIdentifier=...

Formula VII unable to boot

Today I was setting up my new pc, while doing tests I noticed that either my motherboard is unable to handle my video card or my PSU can't.This is what happens when I try to boot up my machine with a video card. I press the power button, the LED on m...

YiveMe by Level 7
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ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z Display port

Hi GuysI want to run you through a gaming set up Im trying to achieve regarding multi monitorIm running 2 displays from a GTX 560 TI video card and that's all that card can handle at one time. I would like to introduce a 3rd monitor Via the HDMI port...

zoran by Level 9
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Asus Crosshair V Formula Z voltage issues please help

Hello, I just finished my rig and installed an amd fx 9370 into the Crosshair V Mobo and it runs great, but every time i start up i get a warning about cpu graphics voltage being too high. Mainly when I'm playing games now it'll freeze. The system is...

cnigro21 by Level 7
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I downloaded and installed the newest BIOS firmware this evening. It prompted me to restart the machine. However, now the computer will not boot! It will power up for a brief moment and then shut down. Then it powers back up and stays stuck on code 5...

Eskimo by Level 7
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Asus Matrix Platinium 290X High Temps Idle 144HZ Monitor.

Hello People, I am having issues with my GPU ASUS MATRIX PLATINIUM 290X. I am getting high temps at idle for about 45-50C when in all reviews from this GPU say 30C at idle, so i was messing around closing apps, reseating GPU, checking fan speeds and ...

toxzl2 by Level 7
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Q Code 63 and rebooting issues

I'm not sure what's causing this issue, but I just finished up a new build that I've been working on for a couple of months. I finished it up a couple of days ago and everything was working fine, but now all of a sudden, when I power up my PC, it sc...

rolldog by Level 9
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I7 4790 overclocking issue?

Hello all! I have a quick question. I am overclocking my I7 4790K processor using Ai suite III . I can manage to get 4.8 Ghz with the aplication however it is completely unstable in Aida 64. It will run for say 7 min then BSOD. However if I just use ...

JT297 by Level 7
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