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Voltmodding 8800GTX

Firstly you need one 8800GTX, ref. card.I've delidded my cards, it drops the temps quite a bit.For VRM/VRAM cooling I just used a hacksaw and adjusted the stock cold plate so the waterblock would fit.I'm using watercools VGA blocks, they're great whe...

twisted1 by Level 12
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water cooling question?

Alight folk hope yall have had a good day. So I have a question weather a triple 120mm rad will do the job if I'm going to add two gpu's (Asus matrix platinum 7970s) to my loop? Already running a cpu config now so its going to be cpu+gpu setup. I'm n...

Kinda upset regarding my missing *extra stuff*

So i recently bought a ROG G750 laptop from best buy and I didnt get my sticker and micro fabric / etc... I know its nothing but im a sticker boy where I like to spam my desktop PC with stickers and I was looking forward to this..I took the item back...

tnt2v2 by Level 7
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power limit 5930k Asus x99 deluxe not working

Hello,On my 2500K i5 asrock pro motherboard P67,I could set the power limit such that after X seconds of heavy load,the frequency of the cpu (multiplier) was reduced to cope with the heat and temp rise.On the asus x99 deluse with a 5930k,the power li...

xixou by Level 9
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stress test

is there any point in doing a stress test with a stock intel cooler on a 4790k. or should i just keep everything stock and wait until i get my water loop installed. i have tried a few tests but temps skyrocket to high 90's very quick. cpu boost is...

Loop Problem and Leak Need Urgent Help!!!!

Hey guys so i had pretty much a big problem. The top radiator which i fit onto this system and into this loop was leaking on the right hand side. The last fan screws punctured the rad somehow. This caused it to leak but i am not sure if thats the mai...

Hobson by Level 7
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cpu voltage

right now using the stock cooler on a 4790k i am getting idle temps around 40-45 with the core voltage at the stock setting of around 1.27 . these temps and voltage seem high. what should i start my voltage around to lower these temps but still ma...

Intel i7 4820k's generation

Hello there!This is my first post on ROG's forums and i have seen everything is awesome!The case is:I want to build my own gaming computer, and i'm making the configuration for it. I am new in all this of pc building but i have seen some videos which...

Danuts by Level 7
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Best Motherboard

Dear Friends,I want to buy a new MOB for my rig I7, and I want the best and latest MOB which is extreme for gaming. Please friends advise me so I will buy ASAP.Regards, Intel i7 3930k @4.4 Asus rampage iv extreme kingston hyperx beast 32gb ram 2400 m...

Mehwish by Level 10
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