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Cmo file

I found this over clock for the i7-9700k, but I want to see what the differences is between this and mine. He made a text file of his UEFI, and I just can't seem to find anything out there on the web that will allow me to read mine into a text file ...

timlab by Level 9
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Asus strix b250h XMP Problem.

So I have asus strix b250h motherboard with i5-6500. Ram is viper 8x2 2800mhz, but can't get more than 2133 mhz, I tried XMP on auto, on 2800mhz, on 2400 mhz, it just doesn't work. Any Suggestions? thanks

Unable to boot PC with XMP profile enabled

Hey all. I've been having issues enabling XMP profile with a successful boot. I've done a little bit of researching and have had no success still. I just bought a new RAM kit (Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32 GB 3200 MHz (2x16GB)). BIOS set to Defau...

des23 by Level 7
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9700K @ 5.1 Temps and voltages?

Been running it at 5ghz all cores for 6 months with 0 issues thought i'd try pushing it some more just done a quick 15min Realbench stress test which passed without issue with 1.37 set in bios and these are the results, Game voltages are 1.35 with 35...

Stuck at 800mhz ... Is this normal?

Asus ROG Hero w/4770k CPU 16gb of ram.Everything was fine until I overclocked using the ai suite iii to 4.2ghz..the only issue I see is that everywhere in the OS it's stating that the clock is 800mhz... If I launch CPU z it says 4.2ghz. Everywhere el...

stanglx by Level 7
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VDDCR CPU Voltage ignored BIOS B550-E

Hi,I have an issue. I seem to not be able to set the maximum voltage on the ASUS STRIX B550-E motherboard. No matter what I put in there (1.3V or some minus offset) when I start Windows and open up HWMonitor, it shows maximum voltages up to 1.494V, a...

CuBrain by Level 7
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10850k @5.1Ghz flapping down to avx offset

Coming from a 8700k the overclocking was a bit different this time round.I've got an Asus Maximus formula XII motherboard with a 10850k @5.1 & 1.323vcore with LLC7 AVX offset 1.Been pretty good to use, however, I've noticed it constantly fluctuating ...

morph_ by Level 10
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GPU Tweak II Fan Auto-Calibration Detect Fail

I updated GPU Tweak II to version and wish I didn't. Note to self: never update Asus software again.Anyway. Running Auto Calibration on my Corsair ML fans that are connected to the external fan headers on my 2060 Super Strix the LEDs on the c...

Nero666 by Level 7
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