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Overclocking...Windows 8.1 BSOD

Hey everyone! Ok so my issue is this: When I have the OC setting set to a 1.250 CPU voltage and 44 multiplier, Windows doesn't BSOD. BUT once I go to Multiplier 48 and bump the Voltage up to 1.300, Windows doesn't get past the Loading Wheel screen. M...

Need Help with AI Suite 3, Rampage4BE + i7-4930K

Hi guys,Am totally a newbi as OC is related, My specs are :CPU: Intel Core i7 4930KMOBo: Asus Rampage 4 BERam: G.Skills 8GBX4 1866mhz CL9 (total of 32gb)Gfx card: Titan Black 6gbSSD: Samsung 840pro 256gb with added separate HDD for DataThis is my PC ...

Asus Maximus Hero new RAM and O/C

Hello folks I am currently running an i7-4790K with Corsair XMS 1600 CL9 RAM (XMP) I am not sure if I am supposed to use the AI tweaker in the BIOS or use AI Suite to try an overclock. I have a Noctua u12 cooler. Setting everything to default The CPU...

watercooling gpu strix

does the asus strix 980 DCOC 4GD5 have the same pcb layout as the reference 980 card?im planning on using ek 980 waterblocks for it

Florre by Level 7
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Help! first time overclock vii hero

hi all overclock guru.This is my first time doing overclocking with my vii hero, i5 4690k.i try to set the cpu voltage in bios to +0.010. when the pc re-start. it is black screen and it would not every boot the window.therefore, i went back to bios a...

Panhai by Level 7
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Rog g750jx burn

Half a year ago i bought ‪G750JX. Recently, it burned with a big cloud of smoke, during my game in CS GO.Not even overclocked or tweakedAt the service they say, it's not a warranty case.I mean, whats the point of making "Gaming notebook" if it can bu...

Where can i find the Setting Parameter on GPU Tweak ?

Hi guys, i recently purchased a G750JZ laptop, and i wanted to change the GPU setting o CPU settings.I found preinstalled GPU Tweaks, but it seem just in read only mode, i'm not able to find any slide to change settings...At the bottom of the Panel i...

erosoft by Level 7
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