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Hardware Upgrade Need Answer ?

hi i wann upgrade my motherboard i have asus MAXIMUS V FORMULA its good motherboard and i love ROG they are awesome so i am thinking to buy MAXIMUS VII FORMULA or Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO and i dont know what to pack ? need help i did see the review b...

killer7 by Level 7
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Compact vs. normal

Hi,I'm about to buy a pc for gaming. I've looked at the ASUS ROG G20AJ, but wonder if I could get a fullworthy gaming-experience with a compact pc? Or do I need a full sized to play the newest games?I want to bring it with me sometimes, therefore it ...

G74SX-TZ195V: Turbo Boost and Hard Drive Problems

Hello I have a few problems. *Sorry for my bad English.1) My Turbo Boost isn't working. I have intel i5-2430M 2,4Ghz. When I bought my notebook, Turbo Boost Monitor was showing frequencies between 2,3Ghz-3,0Ghz, now it won't overcome 2,4Ghz even when...

ASUS Republic of Gamers Team and HWBOT

Those past few days, a lot of things changed between ASUS ROG and HWBOT. We are now official partner of HWBOT and we would like to leverage the OC community and competitive overclocking. To do so, we would like to reactivate our ASUS Republic of Game...

AkaNe0 by Level 10
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Is Asus Hero VI compatible with Soundblaster Audigy Fx?

i recently bought a new sound card because my onboard sound card isnt good enough for my timat 7.1. After inserting the sound card and downloading software and updates when i open up sound blaster controller it says "The current selected audo device ...

Jon9613 by Level 7
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Hardware Upgrade. Please help me decide.

I am planning on upgrading my rig motherboard and CPU so that every single product I use will have ROG brand.My current mainboard and CPU: Asus P9X79 & Intel Core i7 3820My main purpose is gaming. I also think I will not do any overclocking. Now I am...

Overclocking...Windows 8.1 BSOD

Hey everyone! Ok so my issue is this: When I have the OC setting set to a 1.250 CPU voltage and 44 multiplier, Windows doesn't BSOD. BUT once I go to Multiplier 48 and bump the Voltage up to 1.300, Windows doesn't get past the Loading Wheel screen. M...

Need Help with AI Suite 3, Rampage4BE + i7-4930K

Hi guys,Am totally a newbi as OC is related, My specs are :CPU: Intel Core i7 4930KMOBo: Asus Rampage 4 BERam: G.Skills 8GBX4 1866mhz CL9 (total of 32gb)Gfx card: Titan Black 6gbSSD: Samsung 840pro 256gb with added separate HDD for DataThis is my PC ...