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help needed in Hardware tweaking

I have a P5KPL-VM socket 775 motherboardAn intel pentium 5200 dual core @2.50hz4gig DDR2 ram Bios American megatrends version 0401 Bios date 8/20/2008My problem is I m trying to load windows server 2012 and I get an error that the system is not comp...

bigdady by Level 7
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anybody using USB hub?

Looking for best usb hub to connect 3.0 external hard drives to my laptop..anybody using any good usb hubs they can recommend? I wonder how this works, because i have to plug in my 4 terabyte hard drives and then will the usb hub support all that pow...

Few questions regarding an OC i5-4690k

Hello all got my new cooler today (noctua d14) and i've been ocing my cpu till now.i'm currently at 4.7 speed, 1,27 v with temps around 50~60 at 100% load(aida64).Do you guys think i could get any more juice out of it, since i haven't hit the 70c mar...

Aluzird by Level 7
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Keys sticking on ROG G56JK

After getting my G56JK I purchased one for my wife. Right out of the box the M key on the keyboard is sticking/ striking repeatedly. Makes it difficult to log in. It seems to come and go. Have not contacted ASUS or anyone yet. Any thoughts on this?

GmanAZ by Level 7
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Turbo Boost questions.

I have searched all over for this answer, and still havn't found it. What I'm trying to achieve is, overclocking my 4770k on my hero vii while still using turbo boost. I can overclock it without a problem, however it stays (under load or idle) at one...

m4rc by Level 7
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Overclocking my i7 3770k sabertooth z77

Hi I have a i7 3770k with sabertooth z77I'm oc to 4.5ghz with 1.25v still testing if stable. But at the moment in cpu-z my core voltage is at 1.256v and jumps up to 1.264v but only for a second then it goes back to 1.256v is this ok? I'm on llc ultra...

starfer by Level 7
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