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Help please? :)

Hi im new to this forum and im also new to OC'ing and i need help Oc'ing. Thats What this thread is for xD. OK, now for the serious part...I have a i5-4690k and a CM Seidon 120XL Cpu Cooler and i need help overclocking. Help pls?

Underclocking Asus Maximus VII Hero

I recently built a new system and I've been having issues with my Core i7 4790k Overheating a bit (30 Celsius Idle and 80 Celsius playing Games). I'm using Corsair H100i Water cooler and was dissapointed to see temperatures reaching that level. Did s...

My new PC won't boot (Q-CODE 63) HELP!

(First of all, sorry about my bad english)Please, i need help!I bought my new computer this year, and yesterday, after a reboot, it won't post anymore.Just like that, from nothing... This is my setup:X79 DELUXE4930K2X8GB CORSAIR VENGEANCE PRO BLUE 18...

Need Help With Installing A 670MX In G75VW

I have a G75VW and I have a GTX 670MX ready to be installed. I know how to physically swap the video cards but I'm kind of confused about the vBIOS. From my understanding I need a modified BIOS in order to run the computer after the 670MX is installe...

Bad Unit Of 4790k?

Hi, I have a i7 4790K and I read a lot of information about his high temps.Actually I Have 4,4Ghz With 1.15Vcore With Offset But When The CPU need more Power Automatically (And I dont Know Why) The Vcore Ups to 1.18.The Temps With Real Bench In Multi...

Nextgeo by Level 7
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FX-9590 Set up

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums here. I looking for someone who has set up/tweaked some AMD rigs, I'm doing some fine tweaking and having a really hard time find any info that is helpful. To start I'm Running: Amd FX 9590 - with the AMD waterco...

Fau1ty by Level 7
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Key replacement on a G750JH

Hi,I assume warranty covers wear and tear on keys if under 6 months old. The most used W key needs replacing and was wondering how easy this is to do.Thanks in advance......Selt

Selt008 by Level 7
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i4790k maybe physycally dystroyed

Hello,I buyed recently an PC ( CPU i7 4790k, MB Asus Maximus VII hero..) and i runned sisoft sandra testing program.When test reached at cpu media benchmark, my PC frozen and after 20 seconds it restart and the cpu cooler(noctua 14s) startet to run...