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Installed SSD is slow -- ASUS says laptop is fine

Hi all,I have an ASUS G750JW-RB71-CB laptop, which came with 2 HDDs. I moved one of the HDDs to the optical bay and installed a Samsung 850 Pro (512GB) SSD into the SATA 3 port. My Linux 17.1 Rebecca on there seems to be operating kind of slow. I tes...

alborz by Level 7
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Asus X99 Pro issues with Sata express ports

So I got all my parts and I built my new PC here are the specs (wanted to do a follow up from my original post but now I'm running into this problem). Here are the specs Core i7 5820kAsus X99 ProCorsair 2666mhz DDR4Corsair H100i Seagate SSHDTwo Intel...

Need advise between 295x2 or 290x 8gb

Dear Friends,Please need advise between r9 295x2 or 290x 8gb GPU for 4K gaming. I want to upgrade my GPU asap but I am confused between these cards. I need best performance in games from one of them and I don't know which can provide. Therefore pleas...

Mehwish by Level 10
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[P8Z77-V LE] Problem with DRAM after placing Noctua NH-D14

Hi to everyone.After placing my new CPU HS (Noctua NH-D14) i've noticed some DRAM problems.Dimm slots: A1, A2 are not working at all.The only combination which works is B1, B2 but this is single channel.Also my RAMs won't work on 2400MHz.Due to the w...

DifiT by Level 7
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Maximus VII Hero Ram issues

Hello All,After removing a Corsair H55 CPU AIO cooler and replacing it with a Kraken X61 my system wont boot. It will start briefly and shut down and restart repeatedly before getting a 55 Q-code. Everything worked normally before the heat sink chang...

Stock G46V -> SSD Questions

So I've got a stock G46V laptop with no SSD and a 750GB HDD. After some research I've learned that there is in fact a SSD port in this laptop, but only enough room for a "half-size" SSD.1. What is considered a half size SSD?1a. More specifically, is ...

JYoung by Level 7
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GTX670 DirectCUII stops PC from booting

So I've been using my GTX 670 for about two years now. Today, my PC suddenly shut down and restarted shortly afterwards, but I only received a beepcode (1 long, 3 short) instead of a signal.I'm using a P8P67 Sabertooth (or maybe it's not P8, I'm not ...