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Ryzen 5900x down voltages how to set

helloI have ryzen 5900x on asus tuf gaming 570how to set votage down if i do nothing on pc(not playing )i have now manual 1.4 alwasy ( if i play or do nothing)but i wonna down voltages, and up if core boost

Sawiooo by Level 7
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ASUS BIOS - VDIMM/DRAM Voltage Colours

I have a golden B-die error-free chip that I'd like to push beyond 1.63V, but the ASUS BIOS gives a red colour warning.Is the colour indicative of anything, or is it safe to set any DRAM voltage I'd like so long as I can cool the RAM?VCCIO/VCCSA are ...

Problems with idle Vcore on 8700k after OC

so , i managed to oc my 8700k to 5ghz after delid and lm ,XMP: onMCE: OffAVX offset: 0Sync all Cores : 50SVID support : AutoLLC: 1 ( thought it was at 6 but for some reason its at 1 now lol .. ) , tried llc6 but then it jumps to 1.5+ at idle sometime...

I cant OC my ram ?

Hi, i have a ryzen 5800x and an asus b550-e gaming.I try to OC my ram (G.Skill 3200mhz cl 16, 2x16GB) But its impossible, i used Dram calculator and tthaiphoon but when i copy exactly (with safe mode) the PC dont boot and i have to clear CMOS,I try t...

unshred by Level 7
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Asus b550-e gaming adaptive voltage ?

Hi, i buyed a ryzen 5800x and an Asus b550-e gaming,i try to limit the max Voltage on ryzen @1.25, but in idle i want less voltage (0.95) How do that ?. I think i need adaptive voltage but i dont see that on bios, only auto, manuel and offset. Where...

unshred by Level 7
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Need some help oc'ing my 10850K.

I am new to OC'ing and wanted to see if there any good guides on how to oc my 10850k? Also how safe is it using the AI OC on my Maximus XII Hero Z490? If its pretty safe I could just use that?Any help would be appreicated. Thanks in advance.