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Hard drive not appearing in BIOS

Greetings,I recently purchased a cross blade ranger and an APU. As well as a hitachi 2TB hard drive. As well as the ram and a 750 PSU. I am trying to boot from a USB to install the OS to the hard drive. However the hard drive does not appear in the B...

Asus Extreme Rampage IV cpu led red 00

i need some help regarding my pc and its problem with it no booting.this is what happened.... in 2012 i bought this pc and put it together and it has worked flawless ever since yesterday..... it began with something so idiotic as me trying to install...

Jorgen by Level 7
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Screen flickering black G751jt

Bought the G751jt a few months ago. Then I noticed the screen started to flicker almost as if the hardware was faulty. Then I updated my Nvidia drivers and it went away for awhile. Now it is back. I don't know what is going on, i hope its not hardwar...

proto by Level 7
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Stabilant 22?

Stabilant 22 is a proprietary conductive polymer used to clean, lubricate, and enhance electrical contacts/connectors. Supposedly better than similar products like DeoxIT, though both have their diehard adherents.The S22 website is full of embarassi...

Korth by Level 14
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HELP Chassis fan spikes

I have an issue, i have CH-fan 2+3 linked to temp sensors 1+3 monitoring my 2x970s randomly at idle my CH-fan2 (tied to my GPU1 temp sensor 3) will ramp up to max speed 2900rpm even though my temps are stable, and gpu fans dont even turn on until onb...

G20AJ FPS problems

Hey guys & girls,I got my G20AJ about 1 month ago, and now I've got some FPS drops from time to time. This only happens in Battlefield Hardline though, so if I've posted this in the wrong place I am really sorry.The issue itself is that my computer g...

m.2 2280 mounting bracket

I have spent a lot of time with ASUS support, and they bounce me between support, service, and components departments. What I need is the mounting bracket pictured here:http://rog.asus.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/g751-upgrade-guide-3-980x650.jpgI ...

Can't open the program

I just downloaded RealBench 2.41 and it won't open, it shows the loading icon on the mouse then nothing happens. I also downloaded 2.40 and the same thing happens, i'm using a fresh install of win 7 64 bit, an x99-s motherboard.How can i open the pro...