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G750j Battery plugged in, not charging

Hello, I am not much of a computer techy. I know a few things and I play video games so I bought an Asus RoG G750J laptop. A few months ago I noticed on my battery icon in system tray there was a message battery plugged in, not charging. My battery n...

Gtx980M OC problem

Hello my friends!I have Asus RoG G751JY with bios 205 and Windows 8.1 64bit and Nvidia Driver version 344.75. My problem is low graphic card oc for my machine limit is 1210Mhz on core and 5450Mhz on vRAM.I was trying increase voltage but with no resu...

Hard drive not appearing in BIOS

Greetings,I recently purchased a cross blade ranger and an APU. As well as a hitachi 2TB hard drive. As well as the ram and a 750 PSU. I am trying to boot from a USB to install the OS to the hard drive. However the hard drive does not appear in the B...