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ROG Strix Gaming D4 : GSkill 4266 mhz memory - pc unstable

Hi all,Just finished building a new pc.The GSkill Ripjaws are 2x 16Gb 4266 mhz cas 16.*According to the QVL this memory should work.I start with default settings - go to AI tweaker and set XMP 1.I manually set memory speed to 4266 MHz.When being in a...

Saldo by Level 7
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Help about overcloking 10900k safe daily

Hello everyone i have 10900k and motherbord asus z490 xi heroThe cpu on 5200mhZCpu voltage 1.33 loadMy temps in cinbench r15 82cMy temps in cinbench r20 90cMy temps in games 75Does my overclock is good for 24/7?Does my temps and the voltage good for ...

Please help: I think I broke something B550-A

For some reason now when I run lets say Multi Cinebench, my fans spin down lower RPM than when Idle. This doesn't happen on Single core testing. I've reset the bios but nothing works. Any help is greatly appreciated.Setup:Asus B550-AAMD 5600x Stoc...

dja2k by Level 8
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Need Help Overclocking The Old i7 6700K

Hello All,I have been out messing around with overclocking for quite a while, so I forgot a lot of stuff on tweaking. I decided to diddle around with it today and see what I can get out of the old chip.I can overclock to 4.6GHZ with the Vcore at 1.35...

Trouble overclocking

I'm new to overclocking so some help would be much appreciated. I'm using a TUF Z590 Plus motherboard and i9-11900KF I watched this video to learn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTb-KmUa6rI&t=1811sIn the video his Core Speed in CPUZ stays at whateve...