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Debug Code 02

Hi guys:), I need abit of help with a problem that has recently developed on my PC. I was just browsing on the net and my PC froze with a buzzing sound. I looked at the M/Board code and it states 02 which means AP initialization before microcode lo...

alex4602 by Level 7
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Broadwell-E expirienced overclocking help needed

hey pro overlockers, noob needs some advices here.Recently I've decided to push my 6850k a bit further (within the common sense).For 2 years it's been running @4000 mhz all cores via XMP profile for my 3000mhz ram (with 3125 cache). Xmp changes the b...

wonderin by Level 8
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New 3801 Bios for Dark Hero

Hi all,In the new 3801 Bios, curve optimizer is included in both Extreme Tweaker and Advanced (AMD) overclock.Do I need to set up both or I just need to set up one to use PBO and curve optimizer?If so, which one should I set up?Thanks,

GA 35 CPU Swap

I'm looking for specs on the MOBO in this Desktop I just purchased. I want to put an R9 5900x or 5950x in it but I can't find any reason not to, other than I'm not sure about the power requirements vs the stock processor.https://www.microcenter.com...

How to undervolt an i7-6700K for HTPC use

Windows Media Center PC running 24/7 for years and years now...thinking I would like to play with the Asus Gene VIII MB BIOS settings and see if I can make it a tad more optimized voltage wise for it's currrent and future life recording and playing b...