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Overclocking for dummies

Hellos ExpertsI am completely novice on this topics so please I would be deeply thanked that any of you experts may guide me to get the issue:WHAT I HAVE? 1.- MOTHER BOARD MAXIMUS EXTREME VI 2.- INTEL PROCESSOR V - 4690 - 3,5MHZ - 3.- 16 MB RAM VENGE...

roolc by Level 7
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TJ-Max changes from 94 to 103 after OC on 5820k????

Hello dear folks,as the titles says would anybody know why this is happening and how can I return tj-max values to default as this is preventing me from correctly seeing my temperature reporting on any various monitoring programs.The 5820k is riding ...

yapito by Level 7
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Rampage V Extreme vs Maximus Formula VII

Hello I know the differences between the Rampage V Extreme VS. the Maximus Formula VII by brochure if we can call it that way.Anyway I own both motherboards with this setupRampage V Extreme with a i7 5820K @ 4.43 GHZ - MB & ProcKingston Predator DDR4...

Atovv by Level 7
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overclocking i7-4930k on Rampage IV BE

Hey guys, was hoping to find some help and suggestions for the best possible OC. my current setup is the i7-4930k, Asus Rampage IV Black Edition, Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR3 2133mhz (8-10-10-27). I initially ran the Asus UI suite 3, 4-Way optim...

andlaw by Level 10
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ASUS GTX 980 STRIX voltage locked?

Hey guys,I just purchased my GTX 980 ASUS StriX card and I realised whilst overclocking that voltage is locked to 1.212V despite having the option for +37mV?I am currently at 1531Mhz Core and 8005Mhz memory @1.212V. Is there any tweak or mod out ther...

HeLeX by Level 7
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Wierd problem! 4x Fans Corsair H100

The problem that im having with my Corsair H100 water cooler is that i recently bought 2x extra fans for the Radiator(Noctua 120mm NF-F12-PWM)So my idea was to run with 4x(Noctua 120mm NF-F12-PWM) fans 2 upper and 2 lower simple.For some reason 2 of ...

OLIMOPA by Level 7
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Abnormally low scores on benchmarks - strix 980

So, it all started with screen blacking out couple times during playing WoW. Then I noticed abnormally low framerates at some areas. I got worried and ran some benchmarks.Unigine free benchmark - Valley 1.0FPS: 35.0Score: 1463Min FPS: 17.7Max FPS: 61...

nomaddc by Level 7
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maximus gene VII power on/power off error, no post

hi,since the 12th this month i bought myself a Asus Maximus Gene VII board with a 4970K cpu.Installed all software, some peripherals are still displayed in device mgr as not installed but all is working for me.After installing now comes playing.I pow...